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Wine & Food

Crisp rose and spicy reds from Provence


Our resident wine expert Simon Woods has chosen four delicious wines from Provence to recommend in his second wine video blog. Provence is most famous for its rosé so no wine list would be complete without a couple of varieties. In fact up to 70% of the wine from Provence is pink, meaning it is [...]

Brittany Ferries Great Wine Fortnight


Having just enjoyed a relaxing sailing back from St Malo, I thought I’d let you know about the Brittany Ferries wine fortnight coming up between the 3rd and 17th May. During the crossing there is the chance to meet a wine grower, learn much about wine in general and then sign up for tastings and [...]

Wine to enjoy from the Languedoc region


What’s one of the best things about arriving on holiday? Once you’ve explored the parc and the kids are happily running round outside, the next step has got to be enjoying the first glass of wine in the evening on your own decking area, while the BBQ heats up. Our wine expert, Simon Woods, has [...]

Relax in Venice with a Bellini


In Northern Italy, in Venice, or around Lake Garda, everywhere people seemed to be partaking the same elegant drink which looked very refreshing in the heat. We desperately wanted to try it – but it took a considerable time to learn what it was. You can’t really just say “Can I have one of those [...]

Wine-tasting on the Cote d’Azur

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Tour a vineyard, have a few tastings – then take some of your favourite bottles back to sample whilst relaxing outside your luxury mobile home before deciding which to order to bring back memories of your wonderful holiday.

Côte d’Azur – visit a local vineyard (1)

Want a change from the campsite pool and the beaches of the Med? An hour or so’s drive from La Baume, Domaine de Colombier, Esterel and Les Pecheurs, these Chateaux will provide peace and quiet while deciding which of the region’s best wines suit your palate.

Côte d’Azur – visit a local vineyard (2)

Curebeasse 1

Another good vineyard to look around is Domaine de Curebéasse  – and this is only minutes away from Frejus.  You could try both vineyards in one day, or just do one and incorporate it with some sight-seeing of the provencal countryside, including the lavender fields if the time is right. Domaine de Curebéasse Domaine de [...]

Wine time with Simon Woods

Shorts on, flip flops next but one top priority once I get on parc is what I call “wine acclimatisation”. The senses are already alive with the sunlight, the sounds of the countryside and the smell of foreign soil, and then, somehow, the taste buds start to play up in expectation too, for a taste [...]