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Young Story Writer entry, “Roley’s New Home” by Bailey Thompson, age 9

Read about Alice and her pony Roley’s adventure in a lovely story by Bailey Thomspon for our Young Story Writer competition – One summer’s day Alice was playing with her friends in her beautiful garden when Alice’s mum came out with some bad news. “Alice, we are moving house. Your dad and I can’t pay [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Bogus and the Bigfoot” by Cian Knight, age 10

Our entry of the day for our Young Story Writer competition has been sent through by Cian Knight. Cian’s story is an adventure story, hunting for the legendary Bigfoot! Take a look here – Rattle, Crank, Shake! Went the unstable plane as it swiftly drifted over the stunning and bewildering landscape. I was on a [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Tea Pot Tree Island” by Miles Holland, age 7

Such a creative entry for our Young Story Writer competition from seven year old Miles Holland. “Tea Pot Tree Island” is about a journey to a rather crazy island. My travel agent booked me on a special offer to Tea Pot Tree Island. In the brochure it looked extraordinarily interesting. When I arrived everything seemed [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “My Peeerfect Life”by Charlotte Vincent

Do you sometimes wish you knew what your pet was thinking? In Charlotte Vincent’s entry for our Young Story Writer competition, she has written the story from her cat’s perspective! Check it out here – “Meow, Meow” I wish they would wake up. Somebody please let me in. I was stood there, above the square [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “My Tenerife Wildlife Extravaganza”by Ben Longley, age 11

Check out our entry of the day for our Young Story Writer competition. Ben Longley shares his amazing holiday memory – “Ballenas!” the Spanish captain announced suddenly, energetically pointing starboard. All the tourists jostled excitedly whilst descending the stairwell. I followed to the lower deck of the glass-bottomed boat, uncertain as I didn’t speak the [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “My Fantastical Journey”, by Max Crawford, age 11

We wish a magical horse could whisk us away when we were having a bad day…  Have a read of Max Crawford’s brilliant story ‘My Fantastical Journey’ here  – Max was having a bad day. A big boy in the playground had pushed him over, his teacher had been shouty and now his mum was [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “A Writer’s Journey” by Ben Perez-Hughes, age 10

  Ben Perez-Hughes has written a fantastic story about his character, the great explorer, John Stewart. Take a look at what obstacles John has to overcome in ‘A Writer’s Journey’ here There used to be a rich Victorian man whose name was John Stewart. The wealthy man lived in a small, confined cottage with a [...]

Young Story Writer entry, ‘The Journey’ by Molly Lynch

There’s nothing more exciting than arriving at a new destination… that’s exactly what Molly’s story is about in ‘My Journey’. Take a look here  – “Wake up….. were here” I was awoken by a clammy hand poking my forehead. I groaned and pushed it away but it was persistent, so I sat up. A crossword [...]

Young Story Writer competition entry, “I Can Sniff The Sea” by Jordan Nugent, age 11

We felt like we could almost smell the seaside reading this great story by Jordan Nugent! “I Can Sniff The Sea” is tale of Jordan’s first trip to the seaside. Mum and Dad are taking me on my very first holiday! Yes its true!! They have never taken me away before, I usually get left [...]

Young Story Writer competition entry, “A Journey That Beats Being At School” by Jasmine Price age 11

We’ve chosen Jasmine Price’s exciting story “A Journey That Beats Being At School” as our entry of the day. Ever thought about what it would be like to visit the moon? Read it and find out! Chapter 1 -The Door Josie hated science. The old dusty classroom was smelly, Josie’s mind began to wander. From [...]