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Young Story Writer entry, “The Journey” by Evie Kemkaran-Thompson

A magic unicorn is more than a myth in Evie’s story “The Journey”, have a read of our entry of the day below – The unicorn of Destiny watches for anyone needing help. She sees Emily wandering lost after falling off her pony Starlight. Destiny wants to help but has to wait as her powers [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “The Mysterious Caravan” by Sophie Kelly age 7

Sophie stayed in a caravan on holiday last summer, but when she awoke it had flown her away to a desert island! Read her story here – Last summer I went on holiday to France with my mum and dad and my sisters. The entertainment on the ferry to get there was brilliant, there were [...]

Young Story Writer entry, ‘My Fantastic Journey’ by Nathan Bryan, age 10

Take a look at our fantastic entry of the day by Nathan Bryan – two heroes go on an adventure to Egypt! My name is Rameses and one day with my friend Tutankhamen, we set off on a fantastic journey to get some medicine for our friend Hari who was very sick. We went to [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “A Brave Knight” by Elijah Smart, age 6

Our entry of the day is a fantastic story by six year old Elijah Smart. Sir Thomas is a brave knight who goes on an adventure to France with his trusty steed to France, find out what happens here – Once there lived a brave knight who lived in a splendid castle. His name was [...]

Young Story Writer entry, ‘The Sweetest Fall’, by Tia Finch

Everyone loves eating sugary treats, but can you imagine a whole world made entirely of sweets? Well in Tia’s story there is one and it’s called ‘Sweetie Land’! – One sunny morning Tia and Roxy went out into the garden to pick some flowers for their mum. As they skipped hand in hand down to [...]

Young Story Writer entry, ‘Dogs Go Crazy’ by Megan Scragg, age 9

We all know a dog that has acted a bit loopy at one time or another, but in Megan’s entry for our Young Story Writer competition, all of the dogs start to act very strange indeed… Dogs are known as gentle, fun and sometimes calm. But something strange happened on February 22nd. It all started [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Journey Through a Portal” Phoebe Holmwood age 12

Wouldn’t it be great if we could travel to a destination by a magic Portal? Phoebe Holmwood has written a brilliant story about finding a magical portal in an old dictionary… One day when I was lolling around my street I spotted an odd looking dictionary on the ground. It had moss and weeds growing [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Moon Safari” by Ben Tipping, age 7

Everyone enjoys a trip to the zoo, but Ben has written an imaginative story about a trip to see animals on the moon! Take a look at our entry of the day here – The lion looked straight at them and yawned. Jill and Barney laughed and whispered about how they would love to see [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Tarna’s Amazing Travels” by Emma Geddes, age 8

Our young story writer Emma has written a fantastic story about meeting a famous adventurer called Tarna. Check it out here – Many years ago, Tarna Traveler used to travel to different countries. It just so happened, that I was traveling at the same time as Tarna. “She always has an adventure,” I thought. And [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Little Jimmy Snail” by Ross Dunlop

We love a happy ending, take a look at our entry of the day for our Young Story Writer competition from Ross Dunlop about a little snail searching for a home – One day Jimmy the Snail was crossing the Patio, when he heard Swifty the Swift singing from her nest. He looked up and [...]