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  Once there lived a brave knight. He lived in a splendid castle. His name was Sir Thomas. One day he decided to go on a journey to Paris. He had a horse called Toby. Toby was pretty excited about this. “Giddy up” shouted Sir Thomas. Then they rode off into the sunset. As they [...]


My name is Rameses and with my friend Tutankhamun and one day set off on a fantastic journey to get some medicine for our friend Hari who was very sick. We went to Siwa and found that this special medicine was inside a giant pyramid and was guarded by a mummy. The mummy chased us [...]


Last summer I went on holiday to France with my mum and dad and my sisters. The entertainment on the ferry to get there was brilliant there were comfy rooms and a magic show at night that was great; I would give it 5 stars! When we arrived at our campsite I looked around in [...]


After two months, hundreds of entries and lots of fantastic short stories, the time has finally arrived to announce the winners of our Young Story Writer competition! Ourselves and our judge, renowned children’s author, Jeremy Strong, had a hard decision to make but we have finally chosen the winners… first to be announced are the [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “My Fantastic Journey” by Finley Blackburn, age 8

A knight and a princess, a giant and a witch. Today’s entry of the day is fairytale themed, check it out – Once upon a time there was a young boy. He wasn’t just any boy, he was a hero. He was a knight called Jake. Every morning he went to see Princess Libby. One [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “The Sea Birds Holiday” by Robyn Walker, age 7

What’s do penguins like to do? Eat fish of course! Read what else Penguins like to do in Robyn’s story – On February 6, penguins flew to France across the mountains. The 6 penguins were very funny, nice and cuddly. They were called … Peppy, Steve, Pooky, Willy Wonker, Silly, Billy and Snowbird. Suddenly the [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Dave the Dragon’s Holiday adventure” by Emma Foster, age 6

What would you think a fire breathing dragon’s name would be? Well in Emma’s story, his name is Dave! Read Dave the dragon’s adventure here – Once, there was a dragon called Dave. He was a tall, scaly, fire breathing dragon, but he was also very friendly. His best friend was a little Gecko called [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “A Fantastic Journey in the Wild West” by Kate Sharkey

Imagine being a horse in the wild west and being captured by evil cowboys! That’s what happens in Kate Sharkey’s story here – It was a dusty hot day and I was doing my usual job, rounding up the buffalo. I was with my two mates; Pepper and Toffee (I’ve been friends with them for [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “My Night in ToyRus” by Daisy Hall

Spending a night in a toy shop sounds fun.. but what if the toys come alive? Read Daisy’s story to find out! – I was in the car looking out the window as we drove past rows and rows of houses. I was feeling utterly excited. Do you know why? because my mum and I [...]

Young Story Writer entry “Saying Goodbye to My Pirate Island” by Malia Lamb, age 8

When Malia and her friends were stranded on an Island, little did they know they would never want to leave! Read her story here – We were all having a great time on Pirate Island. Little did we know it would soon end. One bright day, we were outside playing. Sophie and Isabella were on [...]