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Young Story Writer entry, ‘The Sweetest Fall’, by Tia Finch

Everyone loves eating sugary treats, but can you imagine a whole world made entirely of sweets? Well in Tia’s story there is one and it’s called ‘Sweetie Land’! – One sunny morning Tia and Roxy went out into the garden to pick some flowers for their mum. As they skipped hand in hand down to [...]

Young Story Writer entry, ‘Dogs Go Crazy’ by Megan Scragg, age 9

We all know a dog that has acted a bit loopy at one time or another, but in Megan’s entry for our Young Story Writer competition, all of the dogs start to act very strange indeed… Dogs are known as gentle, fun and sometimes calm. But something strange happened on February 22nd. It all started [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Journey Through a Portal” Phoebe Holmwood age 12

Wouldn’t it be great if we could travel to a destination by a magic Portal? Phoebe Holmwood has written a brilliant story about finding a magical portal in an old dictionary… One day when I was lolling around my street I spotted an odd looking dictionary on the ground. It had moss and weeds growing [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Tarna’s Amazing Travels” by Emma Geddes, age 8

Our young story writer Emma has written a fantastic story about meeting a famous adventurer called Tarna. Check it out here – Many years ago, Tarna Traveler used to travel to different countries. It just so happened, that I was traveling at the same time as Tarna. “She always has an adventure,” I thought. And [...]

City Breaks with Al Fresco

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Camping holidays with Al Fresco aren’t always revolved around tanning on the beach and drinking cocktails by the pool; there are plenty of campsites which are perfectly situated next to popular cities with many exciting days out to be enjoyed. Whether you fancy sight seeing historic buildings, doing a bit of souvenir shopping, or exploring old streets [...]

Taking your car on holiday

Whether the thought of flying gives you nightmares, or you just want the freedom to take a couple of road trips during your vacation; many people are choosing to take their car on holiday.  Remember to check the Al Fresco website for whether a car is recommended for your specific camping holiday. Below are some [...]

Top Holiday Gadgets

There is always plenty to do on an Al Fresco holiday, to joining in with activities and exploring the local tourist spots.  However, for afternoons spent lazing on the beach, or relaxing on your sun drenched veranda, it is now easier to keep connected and entertained with the wide selection of gadgets available. From indestructible digital cameras [...]


As part of this year’s Young Story Writer competition, children’s author, Jeremy Strong, has penned his very own short story to encourage kids to get creative and write their own. Why not try your hand at story telling to be in with the chance of winning a family holiday of a lifetime! Read Jeremy’s exclusive [...]

The Breathtaking Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

Guggenheim and Bilbao

Towering majestically over the Bilbao sky line, sits a piece of modern day architecture like no other.   With an outer skin of over 33,000 treated titanium sheets, giving the building a scale like sheen and a structure of glass and sandstone; it is no wonder that since opening the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has attracted over [...]

Le Viaduc de Millau

millau bridge

Whilst driving through the French countryside past vibrant green fields, cattle grazing and the expanse of vine yards, make sure you take a detour past a miracle of man made design; The Millau bridge. Officially named Le Viaduc de Millau, the tallest bridge in world (343 metres high) was opened in 2004 to carry the heavy high season [...]