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Tour de France 2013 – History

Tour de France

With the Tour de France due to start in a few days we thought it’d be the perfect time to share with you a series of posts about the Tour. The first will be a  history of the Tour, then we will let you know what you can expect from this years tour and finally [...]

Happening Hrvatska, Croatia – part 3

Image of plitvice national park in Croatia

Part 3 of Nick Rigg’s visit to Croatia  in May where he explores one of  Croatia’s natural wonders… Spectacular waterfalls at Plitvice park Plitvice National Park I had decided to finally visit Plitvice Lakes this weekend as a counterpoint to all those islands  and olive groves. Plitvice is Croatia’s foremost national park and a UNESCO protected attraction around 3 hours drive [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “My Fantastic Journey” by Finley Blackburn, age 8

A knight and a princess, a giant and a witch. Today’s entry of the day is fairytale themed, check it out – Once upon a time there was a young boy. He wasn’t just any boy, he was a hero. He was a knight called Jake. Every morning he went to see Princess Libby. One [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “The Sea Birds Holiday” by Robyn Walker, age 7

What’s do penguins like to do? Eat fish of course! Read what else Penguins like to do in Robyn’s story – On February 6, penguins flew to France across the mountains. The 6 penguins were very funny, nice and cuddly. They were called … Peppy, Steve, Pooky, Willy Wonker, Silly, Billy and Snowbird. Suddenly the [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “Dave the Dragon’s Holiday adventure” by Emma Foster, age 6

What would you think a fire breathing dragon’s name would be? Well in Emma’s story, his name is Dave! Read Dave the dragon’s adventure here – Once, there was a dragon called Dave. He was a tall, scaly, fire breathing dragon, but he was also very friendly. His best friend was a little Gecko called [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “A Fantastic Journey in the Wild West” by Kate Sharkey

Imagine being a horse in the wild west and being captured by evil cowboys! That’s what happens in Kate Sharkey’s story here – It was a dusty hot day and I was doing my usual job, rounding up the buffalo. I was with my two mates; Pepper and Toffee (I’ve been friends with them for [...]

Young Story Writer entry “Saying Goodbye to My Pirate Island” by Malia Lamb, age 8

When Malia and her friends were stranded on an Island, little did they know they would never want to leave! Read her story here – We were all having a great time on Pirate Island. Little did we know it would soon end. One bright day, we were outside playing. Sophie and Isabella were on [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “The Mysterious Caravan” by Sophie Kelly age 7

Sophie stayed in a caravan on holiday last summer, but when she awoke it had flown her away to a desert island! Read her story here – Last summer I went on holiday to France with my mum and dad and my sisters. The entertainment on the ferry to get there was brilliant, there were [...]

Young Story Writer entry, ‘My Fantastic Journey’ by Nathan Bryan, age 10

Take a look at our fantastic entry of the day by Nathan Bryan – two heroes go on an adventure to Egypt! My name is Rameses and one day with my friend Tutankhamen, we set off on a fantastic journey to get some medicine for our friend Hari who was very sick. We went to [...]

Young Story Writer entry, “A Brave Knight” by Elijah Smart, age 6

Our entry of the day is a fantastic story by six year old Elijah Smart. Sir Thomas is a brave knight who goes on an adventure to France with his trusty steed to France, find out what happens here – Once there lived a brave knight who lived in a splendid castle. His name was [...]