Venetian Riviera

Beach on Fire

Most people’s idea of an night on holiday is normally a meal in a restaurant, an evening stroll or an early night. Here on the Venetian Riviera we do things a little differently! On the 25th August, campsites all along the coast set up identical firework displays and finally, at 11pm, the sky lit up. [...]

Marina de Venezia day trip to Venice, Murano and Burano

This week I was lucky enough to join the Marco Polo cruise to Venice and it certainly lived up to my expectations! Venice is a city like no other on Earth; replace roads with canals, high street shops for designer boutiques and fish and chips for Italian gelato. During the 30 minute boat trip, the [...]

Jolly Bar Family Pub Quiz

Friday night, 7pm. You’ve had a week of lying by the pool, playing on the beach, eating Italian food and now you want a reminder of what you left at home. You don’t miss the rain, the traffic or the school run, but the craving creeps in for a classic British pub. Al Fresco’s Summer [...]

Nightlife in the Venetian Riviera

At Al Fresco sites in the Venetian Riviera, guests’ days are jam-packed with activities, sports, sightseeing, relaxing or spending time with the family. But what about the nights? Here’s a guide to how to spend your evenings on your holiday. With the family There are a lot of options for families, and every night there [...]

What’s cooking at Marina de Venezia?

The skies the limit at this dinner table!

Dinner in the Sky Marina de Venezia tries to accommodate everybody’s needs to make the summer holiday the best it can be. This week from 31 July to 2nd August 2012 the campsite has gone all out. For those who require a little more adrenaline and glamour than the average camping holiday can offer, head [...]

The Wise Words Of Holidaymakers

IN MY humble estimation you can always judge a city by the words of those who have visited it.   Manchester, for example, has stirred many a poet into prose.   “Manchester has everything except a beach,” for example.   They may only be the words of mouthy Mancunian pop star and Stone Roses singer [...]

You know all about Italian food, right? Wrong!

OFF to Italy this summer? Looking for some seriously good al fresco dining in the warm Italian evening sun? Well, you’ll find pizza and pasta galore if you head towards the beautiful Venetian Riviera, where we spent our last family summer holiday. And, being on the coast, there’ll be more seafood than you can shake [...]

Explore the Venetian Riviera with our New Parc – San Francesco Campsite


The Venetian Riviera is home to one of the most fantastic and memorable cities to visit in the world – Venice With beaches, beautiful seafronts and sumptuous cultural experiences, it’s a wonderful place to visit for all the family. Our Thomson Al Fresco park San Francesco campsite is located in Caorle, and is a large [...]

Holiday on the Venetian Riviera? Get on your bike


IT MAY seem an odd suggestion for those heading towards a region world-renowned for its canals but, if you’re heading for the Venetian Riviera next summer, you’ll be needing a bike. We spent two days of our seven-day holiday to Pra Delle Torri, in the Venetian Riviera, riding bikes around the region. Why? Because there [...]

Pra Golf Club – Monthly Tournament


We became very proud Al Fresco Reps recently! On the first weekend of the month Pra Golf Club hold a tournament (a Stableford competition) and has around 100 entries. One of our guests, Darragh Flynn, aged 15, impressed The Club so much that he was invited to enter. He was the only English speaking player [...]