Costa Brava

The best places you’ve never heard of in the Costa Brava

  We know exactly what we’re getting on a holiday to the Spanish Costas, right? Well…no, actually. If we look just beyond the familiar combination of beach/bar/restaurant – all lovely, all fundamental to our Spanish holiday – there is plenty we won’t already know about just waiting to be discovered on the Costa Brava. Here’s [...]

Weather that doesn’t Costa fortune

Adam Moss pool at Castell Montgri

  A SUCCESSFUL holiday is a gumbo consisting of many varied ingredients but the foundation, certainly for a summer escapade, is universal – the sun. You could break the bank and head to the Caribbean, of course, but even there you’re not guaranteed clear blue skies to provide a luxurious roof to your beach holiday. [...]

Honest, no-holds-barred holiday review from the kids

Adam Moss family on holiday at Estartit with Thomson Al Fresco

WHENEVER my brood gets back from holiday we have an inquest. Not immediately, but usually about six months or so after we return, when the constant rain, the chill-winds of winter and the dark British nights make us hark back fondly to those warm summer evenings on the Costa Brava or the sparkling sunshine of [...]

What to do and see in Barcelona

I’m thoroughly depressed. We about to leave the campsite! Boo hoo!! Fortunately we’re having two nights in France staying with one of my oldest friends. Since I last wrote we’ve been to Barcelona… the concrete city! Honestly it has more tower blocks than MANCHESTER! Yes, it’s that bad. No, it’s not the most beautiful city [...]

What to eat and drink on the Costa Brava

I’ve been drinking wine most nights I’ve been in Spain, with time off for San Miguel or Estrella Damm. But on Friday, I visited a local winery. The Costa Brava’s not the first place that comes to mind when you think about Spanish wine, but there are several wineries scattered around the region – look [...]

Family holiday in Barcelona


For anyone in this part of the world, a trip to Barcelona is a must. Jill & I had been in that peaceful, half-remembered time before the arrival of children, and we were looking forward to seeing what the Little Woodses would make of it. So what was the verdict? ‘The Sagrada Familia is so [...]

Internacional de Calonge, new arrivals

Bella Woods

My daughter, Bella, has also agreed to blog for us.. Here is her first post.. You know that feeling when you see the sea for the first time on your holiday and you are saying in your head, “Oh yes! This holiday has officially started!” Well that’s pretty much how I feel right now! (Well [...]

News from Internacional de Calonge

Tragic news. We’ve lost one of the snorkels. Our own fault really, we’re just not that co-ordinated at getting all our bumf to and from the pool every day. So this afternoon will probably see us heading off into nearby Platja d’Aro to try and find another, and then hitting the beach. Not the beach [...]

Castell Montgri, Costa Brava (Part 2)


Lynda, our campsite courier on Castell Montgri, continues her account….. From the French border down to Tossa de Mar The coastline is unspoilt and easy to drive around. Even in July and August the traffic is steady, enabling you to explore any day. Two hours away is Barcelona. You can also visit the football stadium [...]

Last minute holiday planning


When it comes to summer holidays, we’re not the most organised of families. It’s a rare year when we’ve got everything planned by the end of June, and this year was no exception. But prompted by what Scooby Doo villains call the ‘pesky kids’, July saw me scouring t’Internet for cheap flights to southern France [...]