North Brittany

Tour de France 2013 – Al Fresco Camping Along the Route

Tour de France

Planning to watch the Tour de France 2013, which is set to prove more spectacular than ever in this its 100th incarnation with tougher mountain challenges than ever before? Well, Al Fresco has the country pretty much covered, north to south, side to side, with luxury parks in no less than ten different regions. So [...]

‘Happy Monday’ Competition Winner Reviews Chateau Des Ormes

Eleanor Barnard won a holiday with her family to our Chateau Des Ormes parc in August for our ‘Happy Monday competition’.  Check out what she got up to and what she thought of the parc in her review below: “We visited Chateau Des Ormes in the middle of August for an outdoor family holiday in [...]

Daisy Joins The Activity Team At Chateau Des Ormes

Daisy is the latest recruit of the Al Fresco Activity Team at Chateau des Ormes. Daisy is a 5 year old Friesian cow, a toy the kids love to have in their sights. The children take it in turns to carry Daisy around the site and to sit on their table as they create all sorts [...]

Something Spooky Is Going On At Kidz Club

It’s the middle of August but something spooky is going on at the Al Fresco Kidz Club as Halloween has come early at Château des Ormes, Northern Brittany! The morning session started off with making our spooky costumes, with our capes and masks. Before we knew it the children had turned into vampires, devils, werewolves and Frankenstein’s all ready for ‘Trick [...]

Al Fresco does “The Cube” Live on your doorstep

Have you always watched the ITV TV series ‘The Cube’ and thought you could do it? Well come along to Chateau des Ormes and give it a go as part of the Summer Games activity programme! We have some games directly from the show, some slightly adapted and others we have come up with ourselves [...]

How You Can Have The Perfect Family Holiday At Château des Ormes For 2013

Looking to book your family holiday for 2013? Then look no further than Al Fresco family holidays at the Château des Ormes!   With a range of holiday parks spreading through France, Italy, Spain and now Croatia you are spoilt for choice. Each Park offers something different but if you are looking for a family holiday with [...]

The Summer Fest at Chateau des Ormes

With our top 10 Summer Games activities selected, Al Fresco were ready to be part of the  Summer Fest at Chateau des Ormes. The sun was shining down ,it was a beautiful day on the campsite putting a smile on both the Reps and the customers faces.   Al Fresco teamed up with the onsite animation [...]

Brittany’s Best BBQ Tips 3

Here at the Château Des Ormes we love to BBQ if the weather allows us to. Andrew and Sharron Witcomb have shared BBQ tips with us but here is some advice they shared with us about local food. A noted BBQ essential is the traditional French mayonnaise “Benedicts”. The lovely slightly strong flavour with a hint of [...]

Cobac Parc in Northern Brittany

On a beautifully warm day in Northern Brittany a couple of reps decided to spend the day planning the Al Fresco summer excursion from Chateau des Ormes… We took the half an hour drive to the Grand Aquarium in St Malo where we spoke to staff about tickets for the excursion. Whilst speaking to the staff we [...]

Road Trip – A Day Off Chateau des Ormes On The Al Fresco Excursion

With August here the activity programme at the Chateau des Ormes is in full swing! As the campsite’s Activity Team Leader I have been busy organising the launch of an Al Fresco excursion from the camp site in Northern Brittany. After visiting local attractions a route for the excursion was decided and a coach was [...]