Tour de France 2013 – Al Fresco Camping Along the Route

Tour de France

Planning to watch the Tour de France 2013, which is set to prove more spectacular than ever in this its 100th incarnation with tougher mountain challenges than ever before? Well, Al Fresco has the country pretty much covered, north to south, side to side, with luxury parks in no less than ten different regions. So [...]

The Summer Games Take A Short Road Trip To Cote de Nacre !

Yesterday saw, for the final time this season, the Summer Games take a short road trip to Cote de Nacre, Normandy. Al Fresco had partnered up with the on-site animation team as part of the “Mini Club” to run a two-hour action packed session.   You could hear the children coming from a distance, singing and [...]

Holiday in Normandy – what to eat


The Home of Tripe and Cider France, the world-renowned home of fine wine and, err, tripe and cider.   I kid you not.   If you head across to Normandy the chances are you may be going to visit some of the famous towns where the pivotal battles of WWII took place, of course.   [...]

D-Day heroes at Cote de Nacre

Becky’s account of D Day veterans at Al Fresco Cote de Nacre