A Day Trip to Piran, Slovenia


Piran is one of Slovenia’s most popular towns, and not without good reason. It remains one of the best-preserved historic towns in Europe and has a picturesque charm that frequently proves impossible for visitors to resist. Clinging to the northern peninsula of Slovenian Istria, the Venetian influence on the architecture is immediately noticeable; with the [...]

Croatia Holidays – what to eat and drink

Here is the third and final installment of Travel Supermarket’s guest blog about holidays in Croatia and what to do when you’re there. This focuses on a topic very close to everyone’s hearts – what to eat and drink! If you want to sample a typical Croatian dish, three restaurants definitely worth a visit are [...]

Holidaying in Pula, Croatia – part 2

As promised – here is our second installment of Travel Supermarket blog. This time, find out what to do with your time in Croatia. Where to go/what to do Pula has pretty much everything: cultural history, stunning architecture, museums, an aquarium, go karting tracks and plenty of beaches to soak up some sun. Firstly, you [...]

Holidaying in Pula, Croatia

Many people don’t consider Croatia as a family holiday, that’s why Travel Supermarket will be guest blogging over the next couple of weeks to tell everyone why this isn’t true, give top tips on where to go, and help you make the most of your holiday. So – here’s part one! When you’re thinking of [...]