Marina di Venezia

Beach on Fire

Most people’s idea of an night on holiday is normally a meal in a restaurant, an evening stroll or an early night. Here on the Venetian Riviera we do things a little differently! On the 25th August, campsites all along the coast set up identical firework displays and finally, at 11pm, the sky lit up. [...]

Sandcastle Mayhem at Marina di Venezia!

Life was just beachy at Marina di Venezia on Tuesday 14th August. People of different ages, different nationalities, boys, girls, Mums and Dads all came together to dig for victory on our beautiful local beach, everybody was shore to have fun! The aim: sandcastles. The result: masterpieces! The first finished sandcastle was a classic fortress design, complete [...]

Summer Games: ‘The Cube’ at Marina de Venezia

This week at Marina de Venezia, Summer Games featured Al Fresco’s version of ‘The Cube’. Here’s a summary of my favourite challenges. Blindfold Labyrinth is just that, a labyrinth in which the player is blindfolded and their team mates direct them around the obstacles. It requires good communication and tests your trust in your family [...]