Le Sequoia Parc

Exploring inland from Sequoia Parc

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Today, 27th July, the weather finally seems to be improving. We’ve had 15 days of not so good weather -some cloud, some heavy rain and even such a strong gale that the campsite was notified and told to tell all couriers to take away all furniture from the deckings. Makes life more interesting! Fortunately, nothing untoward happened – [...]

Celebrating Bastille Day at Sequoia Parc


Hi, Clive, Just keeping you up-to-date with what is going out out here in South East France. Bastille Day is celebrated every year on 14th July (not just here – but all over France). It is France’s national day and commemorates the storming of the Bastille, which took place on 14th July 1789 and marked [...]

Fort Boyard from Sequoia Parc

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The weather last weekend, here at Sequoia Parc, reached over 40°C -a little too hot for some people who spent their time looking for shade or water to splash in. Luckily, most of the Al Fresco plots have some shade. All our plots are large and surrounded by bushes and trees, giving not only the [...]

Life at Sequoia Parc

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Our Al Fresco Reps on the campsite sent in some general information about life at Sequoia Parc. They are very enthusiatic as the season really gets underway. “The weather’s been improving all season, and the campsite is now quite full. The entertainment is growing with the number of people. Aqua-aerobics at 11am is very popular, [...]

Beaches for everyone!

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Our Al Fresco Reps on Sequoia Parc sent in this blog. They are obviously enjoying finding out lots of information to pass onto you, so you can get the best out of your holiday. The weather is warming up nicely now, with temperatures hitting 85° this week. Most people on the campsite are either spending [...]