Roman Ruins in France


Roman Revolution: The Most Remarkable Roman Ruins in France These days France is a cosmopolitan, forward-thinking country, with sleek, sophisticated cities such as Paris, Nice and Biarritz, spectacular natural scenery and some of the most family-friendly beach resorts in Europe. However, rewind the clock two thousand years and the country had a rather different story [...]

Top Activity Holidays for Families in Europe


When it comes to providing activity and adventure, Europe makes for an excellent choice of destination. From holidays that offer the chance to learn a new skill, to breaks that allow you and the family to unleash some serious energy, the sheer variety of activity holidays ensures that you’re bound to find just the right [...]

Why You Should Visit Mont St Michel


Few places in France can set the imagination on fire quite like Mont St Michel. Indeed, it remains one of the country’s most enduring iconic sights, succeeded only by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The lofty arches, towering spires and soaring flying buttresses, all clinging precariously to the craggy rock of the island below, make [...]

Things to Do in Paris With Kids


Oh La La! Wonderful Things to do in Paris with the Kids Admittedly, Paris doesn’t seem initially like the most child-friendly of locations. Generally, when thinking about France’s capital, images that spring to mind tend to involve risqué can-can dancing, romantic strolls through the Montmartre and hours spent admiring the art in the Louvre. However, [...]

10 Facts About Barcelona for Kids


10 Facts about Barcelona for Kids: Ignite Their Imaginations Before Your Holiday! Have you recently booked a holiday to Barcelona? Or are you currently exploring your options, and the Catalonian capital is proving to be a high contender for your choice of destination? Whether you’ve booked yet or not, chances are that you’ve already done [...]

A Guide to the Towns of Lake Garda


Sun, Serenity and Sailing: A Guide to the Towns of Lake Garda Explore Italy in more depth, and you’ll find that there’s a whole lot more than the ancient ruins of Rome, or the gliding gondolas of Venice. For centuries, people across Europe and beyond have been heading to the more peaceful northern areas of [...]

10 Reasons to Visit Croatia

Reasons to Visit Croatia

Emerging from the ashes of former Yugoslavia, Croatia has risen in status to become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Yet despite its unofficial title as one of the continent’s finest vacation hot-spots, the country still remains wonderfully authentic, and refreshingly affordable.

Things to Do in Barcelona With the Kids


The gloriously chaotic, vibrant city of Barcelona is traditionally considered the sole property of artistic types, lively stag parties and romancing couples. However, the secret is now out – Barcelona is fast becoming a hot destination for families, thanks largely to its vibrant, colourful ambiance and multitude of things to see and do.

Culture on the Coast: Europe’s Best City Beaches

Europe's Best City Beaches

Often, when booking holidays, it’s common to fall into the trap of believing that you can’t have it all. More often than not, families spend their time debating whether to enjoy a beach break, or whether to head inland and have a more cultural holiday in the city.

Things to Do in Rome With Kids

Things to Do With Kids in Rome

Are you thinking that Rome is the sole preserve of romantic couples and history buffs? Think again! The evocatively dubbed ‘Eternal City’ not only offers atmosphere and antiquities in abundance, but also caters very well for smaller tourists too, making it a great option for those looking for a fun-filled, yet cultural trip with the [...]