The Intriguing History of Castello Estense


Every good castle can tell a tale or two; but few can compare with the intriguing (not to mention occasionally grisly) stories that lie in the extensive history of Ferrera’s Castello Estense. Even the brutal, looming exterior of the castle gives some impression of the nature of the building, with its forbidding towers and defensive [...]

Exploring Historic Istria in Croatia


Istria, the largest peninsula on the Croatian coast, is undoubtedly also the most historically significant. The classically Mediterranean scenery, with verdant hillsides, sandy coves and romantic woodlands, conceal a rich and fascinating past: a timeline filled with pre-historic tribes, foreign invasions and shattering clashes of culture. If you’re spending your holiday in Istria and are [...]

The Forest of Compiègne: Historic Events, Royal Connections and Heavenly Hiking


Despite being only an hour’s drive from the bustle of Paris, the tranquil Forest of Compiègne, located in the scenic region of Picardy, feels a hundred miles removed from the bustle and noise of twenty-first century life. This picturesque forest, with over 35,000 acres of oak and beech trees, also has a rich and fascinating [...]

A Day Trip to the Island of Elba


Source: Flickr Elba is an island that enjoys a certain level of historical notoriety, thanks to the fact that Napoleon, after his abdication, was exiled there in 1810. However, wise travellers know that there is a lot more to Tuscany’s largest island than just a connection with the famous emperor. It boasts a landscape of [...]

Travelling to Corsica? Sail in Style


Source: Flickr It’s unsurprising that Corsica continues to be a popular haunt for holiday makers. Secretive golden-sanded bays, dark forests, sweeping valley landscapes and glamorous cities give the island the remarkably rare quality of appealing to all travellers, no matter how discerning their tastes. With Bastia, Figari and Ajaccio now on the budget flight destination [...]

Secret Sardinia: The Hidden Beaches and Coves on Sant’Antioco Island


Source: Flickr Sant’Antioco is the fourth largest island of Italy, and also one of the least developed locations in the country. The north of Sardinia tends to be the preserve of the wealthy, with prestigious tourist developments lining every scenic shoreline. But venture down to the south of the country and cross over to the [...]

Discovering the Diverse Landscapes of the Amorica Regional Natural Park


Travellers of all ages flock to Brittany for their holidays. The region offers something for everyone, from wind-tossed sand-dunes and vast sandy beaches to gently rolling hills and quaint villages. It’s a wonderful spot to escape the daily turmoil of everyday life and to take the time to relax amidst some truly spectacular natural surroundings. [...]

Open Air in the Green Heart of Austria: Hiking and Cycling in Styria


Source: Flickr Located in the south east of the country, Styria; with its rich wineries, sun-soaked, verdant hills and alpine scenery, isn’t called Austria’s ‘Green Heart’ for nothing. From breath-taking gorges and looming mountains to pleasant green meadows, Styria has a reputation for being a paradise for nature-lovers, and as a result, it’s gained a [...]

Dutch Delights: Exploring Amsterdam with the Family


The city of Amsterdam means many things to many different people. To some, it’s a city of canals and meandering cycle paths, of relaxing boat trips past steep roofed houses and of enjoying the urban atmosphere. Others flock to the city to benefit from its permissive personality, with thousands visiting the red light district per [...]

Royal Residences and Courtly Castles: The Chateaux of Orleans


The Loire Valley in France is widely acknowledged across Europe as one of the finest spots for visiting chateaux (castles). Often nestled in the lush, fertile meadows and woods around Orleans, the historic buildings provide the perfect opportunity for Francophiles to discover more about the country, and for imaginative types to lose themselves in the [...]