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Greetings from sunny Val de Bonnal

summer shoes

‘It just tastes different…’ I know what Jill means about that first beer on holiday. It says the same on the front of the bottle as on the front of those you get at Tesco, but, well, it DOES taste different… We didn’t get around to sampling it until the second day of our holiday. [...]

The best places you’ve never heard of in the Costa Brava

  We know exactly what we’re getting on a holiday to the Spanish Costas, right? Well…no, actually. If we look just beyond the familiar combination of beach/bar/restaurant – all lovely, all fundamental to our Spanish holiday – there is plenty we won’t already know about just waiting to be discovered on the Costa Brava. Here’s [...]

What’s cooking at Marina de Venezia?

The skies the limit at this dinner table!

Dinner in the Sky Marina de Venezia tries to accommodate everybody’s needs to make the summer holiday the best it can be. This week from 31 July to 2nd August 2012 the campsite has gone all out. For those who require a little more adrenaline and glamour than the average camping holiday can offer, head [...]

Weather that doesn’t Costa fortune

Adam Moss pool at Castell Montgri

  A SUCCESSFUL holiday is a gumbo consisting of many varied ingredients but the foundation, certainly for a summer escapade, is universal – the sun. You could break the bank and head to the Caribbean, of course, but even there you’re not guaranteed clear blue skies to provide a luxurious roof to your beach holiday. [...]

Explore the Venetian Riviera with our New Parc – San Francesco Campsite


The Venetian Riviera is home to one of the most fantastic and memorable cities to visit in the world – Venice With beaches, beautiful seafronts and sumptuous cultural experiences, it’s a wonderful place to visit for all the family. Our Thomson Al Fresco park San Francesco campsite is located in Caorle, and is a large [...]

Couples’ nightmare or the perfect holiday?


As a childless couple planning a holiday (30’s-40’s), do I look at this picture and think, “Nightmare! Avoid at all costs?” Well actually no, I think it’s going to be a great week. We might love quiet nights, with a delicious meal on the veranda and a bottle of wine, but we also love water [...]

Ship Ahoy! 2012 Al Fresco Olympics – here we come!

Rafts 1

Another wonderful blog from our Jean, our Al Fresco Rep at La Garangeoire. Has anyone else taken part in this raft race? Please let us know how you went on! Ahoy there land lubbers! Who would have thought that raft building could be so much fun? I do remember years ago doing it on a [...]

Grande Metairie – a young artist’s impression

Rossini painting

This blog was sent in by the family of an obviously very talented daughter. (See her painting below.) “Camping at La Grande Métairie near Carnac was our first Al Fresco holiday and was fantastic. There were eight in our party (four adults & four children, ages 12, 10, 10, 9) and we all had a [...]

Au revoir from Les Meds

Cap dagde

Here’s a last blog from our campsite rep, Cynthea, at Les Mediterranées, who kindly sent this in after she unfortunately had to return home. But she has passed on the names of new reps to me, who she assures me will write very good blogs. So, watch this space. “All the evening markets are now [...]