Naturally Spectacular Spain: The Woodlands and Parks of Catalonia


For most holiday-makers, the region of Catalonia is synonymous with its most famous city, Barcelona. The colourful, historic Catalonian capital pulls in visitors by the millions each year, and many linger to enjoy the impressive local beaches and wonderful Mediterranean climate. However, for nature-lovers who dare to venture off the well-trodden tourist-path in and around [...]

Family Friendly Festivals in Europe


Thank You For the Music: Family Friendly Festivals in Europe Rewind a couple of decades, and holidays abroad were mostly about one thing and one thing only. Hitting the beach (and most importantly, of course, a sunny beach) was the sole priority of families heading to Europe for their holidays, and a week or two [...]

Top Activity Holidays for Families in Europe


When it comes to providing activity and adventure, Europe makes for an excellent choice of destination. From holidays that offer the chance to learn a new skill, to breaks that allow you and the family to unleash some serious energy, the sheer variety of activity holidays ensures that you’re bound to find just the right [...]

10 Facts About Barcelona for Kids


10 Facts about Barcelona for Kids: Ignite Their Imaginations Before Your Holiday! Have you recently booked a holiday to Barcelona? Or are you currently exploring your options, and the Catalonian capital is proving to be a high contender for your choice of destination? Whether you’ve booked yet or not, chances are that you’ve already done [...]

Things to Do in Barcelona With the Kids


The gloriously chaotic, vibrant city of Barcelona is traditionally considered the sole property of artistic types, lively stag parties and romancing couples. However, the secret is now out – Barcelona is fast becoming a hot destination for families, thanks largely to its vibrant, colourful ambiance and multitude of things to see and do.

The Breathtaking Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

Guggenheim and Bilbao

Towering majestically over the Bilbao sky line, sits a piece of modern day architecture like no other.   With an outer skin of over 33,000 treated titanium sheets, giving the building a scale like sheen and a structure of glass and sandstone; it is no wonder that since opening the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has attracted over [...]

San Sebastian, the Enchanting Culinary Capital of the Basque Country

San Sebastian

  San Sebastian, with its perfect sandy beaches, panoramic view points, picturesque old town and bar after bar serving mouthwatering Pintxos, is an essential Basque experience for all Al Fresco customers coming to stay in the Aquitaine region next summer. Only an hours drive from La Sylvamar campsite, divert along the beautiful West French coast [...]

The best places you’ve never heard of in the Costa Brava

  We know exactly what we’re getting on a holiday to the Spanish Costas, right? Well…no, actually. If we look just beyond the familiar combination of beach/bar/restaurant – all lovely, all fundamental to our Spanish holiday – there is plenty we won’t already know about just waiting to be discovered on the Costa Brava. Here’s [...]

Wine on the Costa Brava Spain

WINE, SWIMMING & SONG LA VIE EN ROSÉ, ALIVE AND WELL ON THE COSTA BRAVA CHANCES are if you’ve ever been to North-east Spain’s Costa Brava you’ll look back on your trip through Rosé-tinted glasses.   Days of lounging by the pool, the rejuvenating Mediterranean breeze washing over your scorched limbs, are invariably followed by [...]

Hidden Gems on the Costa Brava


Those who opt to visit one of our sunniest parcs on the Costa Brava may find themselves wondering how exactly they should spend their time. Of course, it’s great to lounge around and enjoy the heat, but sometimes it’s just as much fun to do a bit of exploring to see what the area has [...]