A Day Trip to Piran, Slovenia


Piran is one of Slovenia’s most popular towns, and not without good reason. It remains one of the best-preserved historic towns in Europe and has a picturesque charm that frequently proves impossible for visitors to resist. Clinging to the northern peninsula of Slovenian Istria, the Venetian influence on the architecture is immediately noticeable; with the [...]

Top Water Sports On Lake Garda

Sailboats on lakeside

Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. Whilst it boasts some charming lakeside towns and some of the finest restaurants in the region, one of the main reasons that people visit is to make the most of the huge range of outdoor activities on [...]

Top 10 Family Activities in Rome

Coliseum at sunset

Rome is generally considered something of a paradise for romancing couples and culture fanatics. The city is famed for its ambiance; for its bustling street-side pizzerias, spectacular Baroque churches and Renaissance buildings, not to mention numerous ancient Roman ruins. Thanks largely to all this history and architecture, it’s not immediately the place that holiday-makers think [...]

The Intriguing History of Castello Estense


Every good castle can tell a tale or two; but few can compare with the intriguing (not to mention occasionally grisly) stories that lie in the extensive history of Ferrera’s Castello Estense. Even the brutal, looming exterior of the castle gives some impression of the nature of the building, with its forbidding towers and defensive [...]

A Day Trip to the Island of Elba


Source: Flickr Elba is an island that enjoys a certain level of historical notoriety, thanks to the fact that Napoleon, after his abdication, was exiled there in 1810. However, wise travellers know that there is a lot more to Tuscany’s largest island than just a connection with the famous emperor. It boasts a landscape of [...]

Travelling to Corsica? Sail in Style


Source: Flickr It’s unsurprising that Corsica continues to be a popular haunt for holiday makers. Secretive golden-sanded bays, dark forests, sweeping valley landscapes and glamorous cities give the island the remarkably rare quality of appealing to all travellers, no matter how discerning their tastes. With Bastia, Figari and Ajaccio now on the budget flight destination [...]

Secret Sardinia: The Hidden Beaches and Coves on Sant’Antioco Island


Source: Flickr Sant’Antioco is the fourth largest island of Italy, and also one of the least developed locations in the country. The north of Sardinia tends to be the preserve of the wealthy, with prestigious tourist developments lining every scenic shoreline. But venture down to the south of the country and cross over to the [...]

Walking in Paradise: A Guide to the Best Hiking Routes in Corsica


Source: Flickr Corsica is widely regarded as a hiker’s paradise. The diverse yet consistently spectacular natural landscape lends itself perfectly to walking, with a vast array of trails that lead across sandy Mediterranean beaches, through verdant fields and between snow-capped mountain ranges. In recent years, Corsica’s reputation as a premier hiking destination has risen; and [...]

Romans, Renaissance and Irresistible Romance: Lose Yourself in Historical and Cultural Florence


From its initial inception as a Roman garrison on the Arno River, right through to its illustrious renaissance and thriving 21st century popularity, Florence continues to maintain its reputation as one of the most historical, cultural locations on the planet. The name itself is enough to conjure up images of romantic twilight walks across the [...]

A Guide to the Italian Lakes of Bracciano and Bolsena


Rich history and culture, world-renowned food, some of the most luxurious Mediterranean beaches in the continent; its small wonder that Italy is so popular with travellers! Although many visitors flock to the country to enjoy the historic treasures of Rome or the romantic ambiance of Venice, Italy also boasts a completely different holiday experience, far [...]