A Canoeing Adventure in Le Val de Bonnal


Isabella tells us about her adventures whilst canoeing on her Al Fresco holiday at Le Val de Bonnal campsite in the Jura region of France.   Today I’ve canoed about 8km, been towed another 5km and have just delighted the ears of my family with a rendition of ‘Doh a Deer’ played on beer bottles. [...]

Greetings from sunny Val de Bonnal

summer shoes

‘It just tastes different…’ I know what Jill means about that first beer on holiday. It says the same on the front of the bottle as on the front of those you get at Tesco, but, well, it DOES taste different… We didn’t get around to sampling it until the second day of our holiday. [...]

Things to do whilst staying at La Croix du Vieux Pont

Our Al Fresco rep, Caroline, from the La Croix du Vieux Pont campsite, tells us about the exciting days out you can look forward to on your Al Fresco holiday at the Parisian campsite. Hello from Paris, Some of the main attractions include; the fairy tale Château de Pierrefonds, Disneyland Paris, Champagne tasting, Park Asterix, [...]


There are, of course, a million reasons why you should make the effort to take the family on a road-trip to France. And yet, despite its near proximity to the UK, the land of the Gauls often gets overlooked in favour of its more showbiz-friendly Mediterranean cousin, Spain. Time to set this right, isn’t it? [...]

Join Al Fresco Summer Games as we Enter the Magical World of Harry Potter


You can feel the excitement bubbling as the families take their seats in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, or as its known on a typical day, Al Fresco Kids club.  Kids babble at high speed to their parents, about their favourite house and which character they would turn into a frog, given the opportunity.  Welcome [...]

The Summer Games Take A Short Road Trip To Cote de Nacre !

Yesterday saw, for the final time this season, the Summer Games take a short road trip to Cote de Nacre, Normandy. Al Fresco had partnered up with the on-site animation team as part of the “Mini Club” to run a two-hour action packed session.   You could hear the children coming from a distance, singing and [...]

Daisy Joins The Activity Team At Chateau Des Ormes

Daisy is the latest recruit of the Al Fresco Activity Team at Chateau des Ormes. Daisy is a 5 year old Friesian cow, a toy the kids love to have in their sights. The children take it in turns to carry Daisy around the site and to sit on their table as they create all sorts [...]

Something Spooky Is Going On At Kidz Club

It’s the middle of August but something spooky is going on at the Al Fresco Kidz Club as Halloween has come early at Château des Ormes, Northern Brittany! The morning session started off with making our spooky costumes, with our capes and masks. Before we knew it the children had turned into vampires, devils, werewolves and Frankenstein’s all ready for ‘Trick [...]

Al Fresco does “The Cube” Live on your doorstep

Have you always watched the ITV TV series ‘The Cube’ and thought you could do it? Well come along to Chateau des Ormes and give it a go as part of the Summer Games activity programme! We have some games directly from the show, some slightly adapted and others we have come up with ourselves [...]

Welcome to St.Tropez

boats at st tropez harbour

St Tropez harbour Welcome to St.Tropez. “Get fresh, gotta stay fly”….that may be the ever so popular song that springs into some people’s mind when hearing the words St. Tropez. However the ‘real’ St. Tropez is far from that. Its coastal chiqueness is easily accesible to Al Fresco customers staying in the Cote D’Azur. I [...]