The vibrant and cultural city of Montpellier

Three Graces

Approximately an hour drive from the Al Fresco Languedoc campsites is the vibrant student city of Montpellier. Whether you are looking for a great spot for shopping, some incredible sight seeing opportunities or just fancy visiting a city with plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy, Montpellier has more than enough diverse culture and exuberant atmosphere to satisfy any [...]

Bella in Disneyland

Nightime at the castle

Bella shares with us her magical stories from Disneyland Paris. Ahhh, Disneyland, where dreams come true. Pah. Blisters, wonky hips, moaning children, dehydration, long queues. Well, maybe it wasn’t that bad. Our story started at about 9:30am in the seemingly endless car park from where we swiftly made our way through all the tunnels and [...]

Archery and Tree Climbing at Val de Bonnal


    Alex tells us about his adventures up in the trees and on the Val de Bonnal archery range. Archery and Tree Climbing The pool and the lake are good fun, but nothing tops the activities that are on offer at Val de Bonnal. Isabella’s told you about the canoeing, but my favourites have [...]

San Sebastian, the Enchanting Culinary Capital of the Basque Country

San Sebastian

  San Sebastian, with its perfect sandy beaches, panoramic view points, picturesque old town and bar after bar serving mouthwatering Pintxos, is an essential Basque experience for all Al Fresco customers coming to stay in the Aquitaine region next summer. Only an hours drive from La Sylvamar campsite, divert along the beautiful West French coast [...]

Ahoy there! Step on board for Al Fresco Summer Game’s ‘Pirate Treasure Hunt!’

  Evil Captain Black beard has stolen the Al Fresco booty an’ destroyed the map. However, in his haste o’ stealing the treasure, the evil Seafarin’ hearty has left clues all over the isle o’ Nouvelle Floride! The reps at Al Fresco Summer Games at Les Mediterranees have managed to find half their valuable treasure map [...]

A Trip Underground at Gouffre de Poudrey


A scorcher of a day. One of our main concerns coming to Val de Bonnal was how warm it was going to be. Correction. One of Jill’s main concerns… I’m fine on holiday as long as there’s enough to do, it doesn’t rain, and there’s enough decent stufff to eat and drink. But Jill likes [...]

Jill takes on the Eiffel Tower

Up up and away

I’d managed to get to the age of forty-something without getting all the way up Gustav Eiffel’s 320m-high creation. However, that was without two children pestering me to climb the thing… We thought we’d get there early to beat the crowds, but our early was obviously not early enough as the queues were already snaking [...]

Farewell to Val de Bonnal


Some holidays involve lots of travelling around and sightseeing. This one hasn’t for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this part of the Franche Comté region isn’t awash with must-do attractions. While there are several towns that are worth a visit (expect something on Besancon on the next day or so), they’re pretty in a picture [...]

Douce Quiétude, the best way to experience the Côte d’Azur

Jean, our Al Fresco rep, from the Douce Quiétude campsite in the Côte d’Azur, talks us through all the opportunities and activities this amazing campsite has to offer.   Douce Quiétude: a rough translation being ‘gentle tranquillity’ and sums up this area quite nicely. It’s nestled in the well seasoned pine groves of Valescure/St Raphaël and situated [...]

Markets, History and Pub Quiz’s at La Croix de Vieux Pont

Caroline, the Al Fresco rep from La Croix de Vieux Pont, shares her hints and tips on things to see and do in the Berny Rivière. Markets One thing France is renowned for is the quality of its local markets. Here at La Croix du Vieux Pont we are surrounded by many French market towns. The [...]