A Nature-Lover’s Paradise: Lac de Grand-Lieu


Few people outside of France have heard of the Lac de Grand-Lieu. This is surprising, given that in winter, the lake is the largest in France. However, it is precisely this relative anonymity that makes the area so special. For travellers who are actively seeking to avoid the crowds of the more touristy areas, the [...]

Paris With Kids: What To Do?


Paris is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in the world. When thinking of Paris, images of the Notre Dame possibly come to mind, or the narrow, cobblestoned alleyways of Montmartre, or perhaps the art galleries, which are among the finest in the world. In short, it doesn’t initially strike people as the best [...]

Beautiful Basque Country: Enjoying the Charms of Saint Jean de Luz


Source: Flickr The town of Saint Jean de Luz, nestled on the South West Coast of France and deep within Basque country, is one of the most idyllic coastal locations for a family holiday. The quaint fishing port, which remains very much a working port to this day, and the distant peaks of the Pyrenees, [...]

Gastronomic Delights and Mouth-Watering Meals in Midi-Pyrénées


The region of Midi-Pyrénées, France’s largest in terms of geographical area, is a seemingly endless rural idyll, with lush countryside, dramatic Alpine scenery and verdant farmland. Amidst all this incredibly fertile land, it’s hardly surprising that Midi-Pyrénées should be the gastronomic epicentre of France. French specialities and world-renowned delicacies abound in the region, and food [...]

Picturesque Provence! How to Make the Most of Your Week in Provence


Source: Flickr Unlike the best-selling author Peter Mayle, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to spend a whole year in Provence, much as you may desperately find yourself wanting to after visiting. If, like most holiday-makers, your time in this idyllic region of France is limited to just the seven days, then it’s a good idea [...]

The Forest of Compiègne: Historic Events, Royal Connections and Heavenly Hiking


Despite being only an hour’s drive from the bustle of Paris, the tranquil Forest of Compiègne, located in the scenic region of Picardy, feels a hundred miles removed from the bustle and noise of twenty-first century life. This picturesque forest, with over 35,000 acres of oak and beech trees, also has a rich and fascinating [...]

Travelling to Corsica? Sail in Style


Source: Flickr It’s unsurprising that Corsica continues to be a popular haunt for holiday makers. Secretive golden-sanded bays, dark forests, sweeping valley landscapes and glamorous cities give the island the remarkably rare quality of appealing to all travellers, no matter how discerning their tastes. With Bastia, Figari and Ajaccio now on the budget flight destination [...]

Discovering the Diverse Landscapes of the Amorica Regional Natural Park


Travellers of all ages flock to Brittany for their holidays. The region offers something for everyone, from wind-tossed sand-dunes and vast sandy beaches to gently rolling hills and quaint villages. It’s a wonderful spot to escape the daily turmoil of everyday life and to take the time to relax amidst some truly spectacular natural surroundings. [...]

Royal Residences and Courtly Castles: The Chateaux of Orleans


The Loire Valley in France is widely acknowledged across Europe as one of the finest spots for visiting chateaux (castles). Often nestled in the lush, fertile meadows and woods around Orleans, the historic buildings provide the perfect opportunity for Francophiles to discover more about the country, and for imaginative types to lose themselves in the [...]

Walking in Paradise: A Guide to the Best Hiking Routes in Corsica


Source: Flickr Corsica is widely regarded as a hiker’s paradise. The diverse yet consistently spectacular natural landscape lends itself perfectly to walking, with a vast array of trails that lead across sandy Mediterranean beaches, through verdant fields and between snow-capped mountain ranges. In recent years, Corsica’s reputation as a premier hiking destination has risen; and [...]