Camping in Holland

Let’s Go Dutch For A Change

a beach in holland

We’ve been to Spain and loved it. We’ve partied hard on the Venetian Riviera and enjoyed the medieval riches of Italy’s finest cities. We’ve eaten the finest foods France has to offer. Time for a change? What about Holland? That lovely European country of flatlands, incredible beers, breathtaking landscapes and art. What about a beach [...]

Couples’ nightmare or the perfect holiday?


As a childless couple planning a holiday (30’s-40’s), do I look at this picture and think, “Nightmare! Avoid at all costs?” Well actually no, I think it’s going to be a great week. We might love quiet nights, with a delicious meal on the veranda and a bottle of wine, but we also love water [...]

Cycling – the best way to get around in Holland

We have been on Duinrell for quite a while now and have figured out that the best way to get around Holland is cycling!We have cycled along the coast in both directions. South to Scheveningen and North to Katwijk. Scheveningen is a seaside town with a busy promenade full of shops, little cafes and even [...]

Thomson Al Fresco, Duinrell, The Netherlands

Duinrell 3

As promised, following Catherine Eade’s Travel Mail trip her children have provided us with their own highlights from their holiday at Duinrell. Here’s what Joel Morris, aged 12, thought… When I smashed into the water at the bottom of the fastest waterslide I’d ever been on, I sat up and smiled. I thought to myself; [...]

A Camping Dream for Children – Duinrell

Duinrell 1a

With two 5-year olds, when organising our Thomson Al Fresco holiday, we decided to opt for the longer Hull-Rotterdam crossing. We thought this would be much easier than the car journeys from Manchester to Dover, and then Calais up to Wassenaar in Holland and would allow us the all important “quality” time to spend with [...]