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Beach on Fire

Most people’s idea of an night on holiday is normally a meal in a restaurant, an evening stroll or an early night. Here on the Venetian Riviera we do things a little differently! On the 25th August, campsites all along the coast set up identical firework displays and finally, at 11pm, the sky lit up. [...]

Union Lido Sandcastle Competition

LIDO SANDCASTLE COMPETITION!!! 19th of August 2012. A day to remember for Al Fresco guests on Lido – they will always look back and remember the day they built their sand sculptures at the Venetian Riviera! It was a beautiful day, 37 degrees, sunny, blue skies. Al Fresco headed down to the beach and had [...]

Marina de Venezia day trip to Venice, Murano and Burano

This week I was lucky enough to join the Marco Polo cruise to Venice and it certainly lived up to my expectations! Venice is a city like no other on Earth; replace roads with canals, high street shops for designer boutiques and fish and chips for Italian gelato. During the 30 minute boat trip, the [...]

Union Lido Top Ten

Union Lido’s Top Ten 1. Animations Union Lido has an amazing animations team. The animators are trained in dance, sport and music and will guide you through lots of different activities, whether its midnight yoga, street dance or an evening show. No matter what age or what ability, the animation team will entertain you! Read about the [...]

Kids Union Lido

‘Muuuuum, I’m bored!’ On your average holiday, I’m willing to bet that just as you are starting to relax, this phrase gets thrown at you. Well, at Union Lido, it’s not going to be an issue! MAKE FRIENDS! There are groups for different age brackets where the kids can make friends from all over the world, [...]

Sandcastle Mayhem at Marina di Venezia!

Life was just beachy at Marina di Venezia on Tuesday 14th August. People of different ages, different nationalities, boys, girls, Mums and Dads all came together to dig for victory on our beautiful local beach, everybody was shore to have fun! The aim: sandcastles. The result: masterpieces! The first finished sandcastle was a classic fortress design, complete [...]

Jolly Bar Family Pub Quiz

Friday night, 7pm. You’ve had a week of lying by the pool, playing on the beach, eating Italian food and now you want a reminder of what you left at home. You don’t miss the rain, the traffic or the school run, but the craving creeps in for a classic British pub. Al Fresco’s Summer [...]

Nightlife in the Venetian Riviera

At Al Fresco sites in the Venetian Riviera, guests’ days are jam-packed with activities, sports, sightseeing, relaxing or spending time with the family. But what about the nights? Here’s a guide to how to spend your evenings on your holiday. With the family There are a lot of options for families, and every night there [...]

Summer Games: ‘The Cube’ at Marina de Venezia

This week at Marina de Venezia, Summer Games featured Al Fresco’s version of ‘The Cube’. Here’s a summary of my favourite challenges. Blindfold Labyrinth is just that, a labyrinth in which the player is blindfolded and their team mates direct them around the obstacles. It requires good communication and tests your trust in your family [...]

Can’t get to London 2012?

Try Al Fresco summer games events instead! If you couldn’t get tickets to the Olympics this year, don’t worry – Al Fresco has got you VIP passes to the most exciting event of the Summer. Mini-Olympics on Union Lido and Marina di Venezia is a much more exclusive and enjoyable option where you can be directly involved in [...]