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Corsica road trip part deux

pino sunset

Hi and welcome back to the second part of my Al Fresco Corsican road trip. As promised we are going to be looking at places to visit on the Cap, however before I go any further, I do need to discuss a very important and essential part of any road trip! the music, and which [...]

At last!! Al Fresco goes Corsica


Here begins part one of my Corsican road trip, let me start by saying I have been wanting to visit Corsica for as long as I have worked in travel, and let me tell you that is a very long time.  Unfortunately the powers that be in the airline industry decided that anyone North of [...]

Telegraph rates Serignan one of top beaches in France

serignan plage 2010

Top rated beach in France

Honeymoon in Chianti

view over the Arno valley from Norcenni Girasole

Hi all, Just thought I’d share this recent email from a customer on Norcenni! Our Experience at Norcenni Girasole Camping    We stayed at Norcenni Girasole for the last 3 days of our honeymoon to recapture youthful memories of family camping trips to the south of France.  Being our honeymoon we selected to stay in a Thomson Alfreso Vivaldi [...]