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Theme Parks in France


Fun Days Out With the Family: The Best Theme Parks in France France is a hugely popular choice of holiday destination for families, thanks to its extensive coastline, picturesque towns and warm, pleasant climate, particularly in the southern parts of the country. It’s equally blessed with plenty of things to see and places to visit, [...]

Paris Hidden Gems

There are so many iconic sights to see in Paris – the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame and the Sacre Coeur to name but a few – you might think you don’t have time for the “smaller” sights. But while you probably don’t want to miss out on the main attractions, it’s also well worth [...]

Couples’ nightmare or the perfect holiday?


As a childless couple planning a holiday (30’s-40’s), do I look at this picture and think, “Nightmare! Avoid at all costs?” Well actually no, I think it’s going to be a great week. We might love quiet nights, with a delicious meal on the veranda and a bottle of wine, but we also love water [...]

Cycling – the best way to get around in Holland

We have been on Duinrell for quite a while now and have figured out that the best way to get around Holland is cycling!We have cycled along the coast in both directions. South to Scheveningen and North to Katwijk. Scheveningen is a seaside town with a busy promenade full of shops, little cafes and even [...]

Club Farret – with Europark just a stroll away.


Well – not only has the weather significantly improved here at Vias Plage (Club Farret) over the past few weeks but the facilities on offer have increased likewise! All our parasols have been in full use these last two weeks with the weather soaring into 30 degrees plus, accompanied by a beautiful sea breeze which [...]