Most people think of camping as muddy and cramped with sleepless nights and basic tinned food. And that is where they’re wrong.

With air-conditioned luxury mobile homes, your own outdoor decking area and spacious rooms, Al Fresco  fits in perfectly with the new obsession of ‘glamping.’

Swap the tins of cider for a jug of Pimms, hand made fans for air conditioning, and port-a-loos for beautiful bathrooms, and you may be close to the new craze of Al Fresco holidays.

‘Glamping’ brings both the traditional family values of a back to nature holiday and mixes them with a modern outlook on pure luxury. Who needs a TV when you have an onsite water-park? Who needs a computer game when you have a children’s entertainment club?

Families of all shapes, sizes and ages can find plenty to enjoy. Luxury hotel in Spain, with Sky TV and on site gym? No thanks. Luxury mobile home in Spain, with a BBQ on your own decking and plenty of outdoor activities? Yes please.

Look out for more blog posts as we will be giving our own tips and experiences to holidaying al fresco style! If you have any questions or stories, please just let us know!

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