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Travellers of all ages flock to Brittany for their holidays. The region offers something for everyone, from wind-tossed sand-dunes and vast sandy beaches to gently rolling hills and quaint villages. It’s a wonderful spot to escape the daily turmoil of everyday life and to take the time to relax amidst some truly spectacular natural surroundings.

If you’re staying in the area, make sure you visit the Parc Naturel Régional d’Amorique (The Amorica Regional Natural Park). Set up as an area of protected natural beauty in 1969, the vast park area not only includes some of the most romantically desolate scenery in the region, but also some fascinating villages, museums, beaches and islands.

What to See When Exploring the Amorica Regional Natural Park

There is so much to see and do in the 125,000 hectare park area that it’s likely you’ll need a few days to explore it thoroughly. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Visit the Islands; Île Molène, de Sein and Ouessant


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The three islands in the park offer an incredible insight into the lives of the people who have resided on these remote locations for centuries. Climb on board a boat and visit these isolated, atmospheric islands, where you can walk around the ports and tiny villages, and visit the museums, which detail what life is like for small communities here.

Watch the wildlife

The Amorica Regional Natural Park is famous for its wildlife, making it a haven for keen bird-watchers and animal lovers alike. The islands have a huge variety of sea-birds, and in the pretty rivers and murky swamps, visitors can spot otters and even beavers.

Soak up the atmosphere in Guerlesquin

One of the region’s ‘petites cités de caractère’ (little cities of character), the charming town is filled with impressive architecture and has a real personality. The 17th century prison, with its imposing barred windows and steep roof, is well worth a visit, as is the traditionally Breton tavern that stands beside it, serving a range of excellent locally produced beers.

Walk round the Crozon Peninsula

Crozon Peninsula

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Spiking out dramatically into the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Crozon Peninsula is an area of highly contrasting sceneries; from serene, pale sanded beaches to wild, craggy cliffs and rocky outcrops. The coastal area offers walkers impressive panoramic views of the landscape and ocean beyond; and for a chance to see some really incredible scenery, head to Menez Hom; a small ‘mountain’ which offers spectacular vistas of the land below.

Track down the mysterious megaliths

The Amorica Regional Natural Park has a rich and varied history, and it’s known that there were ancient settlements once living in the area. Discover more about the ways of these Neolithic people by visiting the megaliths that they left behind. There are a huge number dotted across the region, but the most impressive is the grave of Mougau-Bihan, which is just outside the town of Commana. Venture inside the strange tomb and you’ll be able to see the carvings that were left there by the original builders of the grave, with images depicting an axe and a figure that is thought to resemble Mother Earth.

Sail round La Faou

La Faou is a picturesque port-town and is located in the scenic estuary of the Bay of Brest. The wind-swept river provides the ideal location for keen sailors to clamber about a vessel and set sail, taking in the sights. Alternatively, for something a little more adventurous, you can have a go at some windsurfing. La Faou is a historic port, and after spending some time on the water, you can unwind in one of the bars or restaurants, or visit the museum, which contains fascinating exhibits about the area.

Enjoy the scenery at Monts d’Arrée

When exploring Amorica Regional Natural Park, it’s imperative to spend some time appreciating the beautiful natural scenery, for which it is so famous. The Monts d’Arrée are some of the highest hills in the region, and the landscape is suitably dramatic as a result. Situated in the wilds of the moors, keen hikers will enjoy the route that winds through these local ‘mountains’ and the impressive scenery that can be enjoyed whilst walking.

Finding a Place to Stay in Amorica Regional Natural Park

The park is celebrated for its natural beauty; and as a result, when you’re looking for somewhere to stay in the region, chances are that you want to book somewhere that makes the most of the wonderful scenery.

The Domaine de Ker Ys holiday park is situated right within the lush landscape of northern Brittany, and is also located directly beside a beach, so weary walkers can take a dip in the sea when they return from a day of exploration.

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