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Why Austria Should be Your Next Family Summer Break: Things to do in Austria When the Sun Shines

If you’re weary of battling it out with thousands of other tourists on the jam-packed beaches of popular Mediterranean destinations, then you may well be looking to find inspiration for a slightly more alternative holiday destination.

Far from the jam-packed beaches of southern Europe and a million miles away from the clamour and bustle of the major cities of the continent is Austria; a country that is slowly but surely gaining popularity as a wonderful spot to spend a week or two with the family.

But just what is it that makes Austria an appealing holiday hotspot? Is it the impressive natural surroundings? The fresh, alpine air? Or the beautiful, unspoilt towns and villages? (Answer – all of those, and more!) Here are our personal top reasons as to why Austria is an excellent place to take a break with the family, particularly in the summer months.

Reasons to Visit Austria:

Reason #1- Fairytale castles


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If you’re the proud parent of your very own little princess or daring knight-in-training, then you need to take them to the castles of Austria. Many of these multi-turreted, whimsical constructions appear as though they’ve been lifted straight from a Grimm’s fairytale, and with the summer sun shining behind them they simply come to life. In particular, the mighty fortified castle of Hohensalzburg will have young hearts racing as it looks almost exactly like a mysterious castle from an Arthurian legend.

Reason #2 – Beautiful hiking

If you think you’ve experienced hiking, think again. Austria takes hiking to a whole new level. From challenging terrain amidst the snowy mountains, to gentle trails through alpine meadows, there is a route for everyone, regardless of ability or fitness levels. Even the smallest of children will love exploring the fresh, open landscape in the summer and taking a picnic is, of course, mandatory.

Reason #3 – Skiing

Austria boasts some world-class ski resorts and is often regarded as the ski capital of Europe. Seasoned ski pro’s will make a beeline to the slopes around Tyrol, but if you’ve never placed your toes in a ski before, don’t panic. There are plenty of ski resorts that cater for inexperienced skiers and a number of ski instructors are especially trained to teach children to master the slopes with confidence.

Reason #4 – Alpine Beaches


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Don’t imagine for a moment that Austria doesn’t have beaches. In fact, the country has some simply beautiful beaches dotted around its shimmering alpine lakes. Wolfgangsee is particularly good for swimmers, and with the huge towering peaks of the mountains in the background, it makes for a dramatic and unusual location.

Reason #5 – Driving along mountain roads

Of course, Austria boasts some of the finest mountain scenery in Europe and one of the best ways to experience it is by car. If possible, rent a vehicle (or bring your own) and take to the roads, winding a path up the mountains and enjoying some remarkable views of the country below. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, consider a road-tour of the country, changing locations on a nightly basis – tiring, but worth it!

Reason #6 – Innsbruck


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If you or the children enjoy the Sound of Music and desire nothing more than to take to the verdant green meadows and sing in the mountains, then head to Innsbruck and the surrounding area. The terrain is picture-postcard perfect, with white capped mountain peaks and pretty fields, which combined with the blue summer sky make for an impossibly beautiful scene. Watch the cows grazing with their traditional cowbells round their necks, or wander the atmospheric streets of Innsbruck itself, with its pastel coloured houses and great local restaurants.

Reason #7 – The food

With irresistible names such as Spätzel, Strudel and Schnitzel, it’s not difficult to see why Austrian food tends to prove popular with visitors. In particular, children will enjoy eating big plates of Apple Strudel in one of the many cafes that line the streets of the towns and cities.

Reason #8 – Graz

The pretty city of Graz has what many other cities in Europe do not; fresh air. The strong scent of the Alps permeates even the busiest of streets in Graz and even in the heart of the city, nature never feels far away.

If you’re thinking of spending your next family break in Austria and are looking for inspiration as to where to stay, then consider Camping Bella Austria. The park is located only a short drive from Graz and specialises in immersing its guests in nature, providing the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life. There is also a swimming pool on site and lots of great facilities for kids and adults alike.

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