The saloon bar doors burst open and there he stood. Two foot tall and reeking of sour milk. It was Will, Will the kid, my arch enemy.

We were in the Wild West, my back garden. My enemy? My little brother. He stood there stinky nappy, wellies on and ready to make my playtime HELL!

… or so he thought…

“Horsey!”. I knew exactly what he wanted, a duel, to win a horse. He had already claimed two of my horses shortly before biting their heads off and shoving their bodies down his reeking nappy. NEVER! for me to EVER, touch AGAIN!

It was noon. The time where I, Bejamin Jones could, hopefully, stand tall and say;

“I Benjamin Jones beat Will, I beat Will the kid!” I will be known as ‘Ben, Ben The Kid’.

After a while practising my shooting at the fence, I looked up to see the sun central in the sky. ‘This is it’ I thought.

“BANG BANG!” Yelled Will, while badly aiming his (nerf) gun into the air. I quickly reacted and began to make my way towards the (sand pit) desert. I began to stretch my back, knowing how much bending I am about to do, just to reach the height of the heroic toddlers head! Will was in sight as I straddled the quicksand.

I stared at Will. Will, stared at me. We both walked slowly into the center of the desert. Well, toddled for Will. We quickly turned a one hundred and eighty degree turn.

I stood with perfection. Like a real cowboy. I grabbed my lasso (hose pipe) and circulated it in the air. Followed quickly by a direct toss at Will. The whole Wild West had arrived. They were all cheering for Will.

“WILL! WIll! WILL!” I turned and tried to convince my family… the wild west, that he didn’t stand a chance. I had it all; a lasso, height and I think ‘Ben The Kid sounds better than ‘Will The Kid’.

I turn my attention back to the duel. Where’s Will? He has literally vanished. My leg tingled. I slowly titled my head downwards. There he was. Will was crawling through my legs. Some hero!

“BANG BANG!’ Will took his first accurate aim straight into the centre of my eye. I could see nothing but black.

Suddenly, “ARGHH!” Little Will kicked straight into what my father would call my ‘prized jewels’.

I could do nothing but lay on the ground in intense pain, as I watched Will walk into the sunset.

Eating my third and finaly horsey.

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