Last summer I went on holiday to France with my mum and dad and my sisters. The entertainment on the ferry to get there was brilliant there were comfy rooms and a magic show at night that was great; I would give it 5 stars!

When we arrived at our campsite I looked around in astonishment the pool was amazing, great for having a splash. There were lots of tents and caravans but our caravan looked a bit different from the others it was strangely sparkly. We went inside and had some French stick sandwiches for lunch then we played in the playground for a bit then went back to the caravan for a BBQ for dinner. While I was sitting outside I couldn’t help noticing how sparkly the caravan looked but everything else seemed normal.

The next night I couldn’t sleep I felt like someone or something was shaking the caravan so I decided to look out of the window and saw that I wasn’t in the campsite anymore but we were on a tropical island like Fiji. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I grabbed my camera and ran to the door, as I stepped out I noticed I was wearing a diving suit and a sparkly boat was waiting for me. I got in the boat and it floated out into the sea. I was daring myself to dive into the sea and eventually I did it.

When I went under I saw amazing things, I even saw a weird fish that hadn’t even been discovered before it was like a small squishy horse! I got my water proof camera out and took a picture of it. I put my camera back in my pocket and swam deeper.

When I got near the bottom of the sea I heard a sound of teeth gritting together I got worried and started swimming as fast as I could without looking to see what it was. I swam into a big rock that looked like a cave. I peeked out and couldn’t see anything scary so I swam back out of the rock. When I looked at my camera it must have been on video at the time because I saw that it was some mermaids clashing sea shells together and I had recorded them!

I swam back up to the surface and took my mask off and got back in the sparkly boat. Then the boat magically sailed back to land, as I got off the boat there was a bright flash and when I looked around I was back at the campsite in France in my pyjamas. I got in my caravan and all my family were still asleep so I got in bed and fell asleep too. When I woke up it was lunchtime the next day! At the time I thought it was a dream until I found the mermaid video on my camera!

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