Once upon a time there was a monkey called Crashbangwallop. He was called Crashbangwallop because every time he tried to climb a tree, he fell out and went ‘crash bang wallop’!

One day Crashbangwallop went on holiday to the Congo in Africa. The first thing he saw was a big gorilla, who chased him all around the jungle! Crashbangwallop climbed up the nearest tall tree to try and escape, but guess what? As soon as he climbed up, he fell down and went “crash bang wallop”. He said “Ouch, not again!” and decided to stay on the ground.

The gorilla was right behind him and closing in fast when Crashbangwallop saw something coming towards him so quickly it was just a blur. The thing zoomed up, scooped Crashbangwallop onto its back and raced off into the jungle. Crashbangwallop was scared, he thought “I don’t know what this creature is or where I’m going – but it has saved me from the chasey gorilla so I think I’ll hold on tight.”

Soon they reached a part of the jungle with lots of big trees growing right next to each other, like a fence. The creature stopped and tapped out a secret knock on one of the trees and suddenly they all fell down, letting them through. Inside was a river with a big waterfall crashing into it and all kinds of colourful birds, flowers and insects. Crangbangwallop looked behind him and saw all the trees standing up again – he realised he was safe from the big chasey gorilla at last.

Crashbangwallop decided it was time to find out what this creature who had saved him was, and say thank you. He jumped down off it’s back and had a good look at it.
It looked like a leopard but it had a trunk like an elephant – it had been using it’s trunk to hold Crashbangwallop on it’s back as it raced along. “Thank you for saving me” said Crashbangwallop, “What a strange creature you are!” “I’m a LeoparLump” said the creature. “My name is Quickflash because I’m really really quick, what’s yours?” “Crashbangwallop – because I always fall out of trees”. “Oh dear” said Quickflash, “I use my trunk to help me hold onto things, have you tried using your tail?” “No!” said Crashbangwallop. “That’s a good idea. Do you mind if I try it out on that tree over there?”

So Crashbangwallop climbed the tree and used his tail to hold on – and it worked, he didn’t fall! He was so excited he spun round and round on a branch using his tail to hold on! “Well done” said QuickFlash, “your tail is almost as useful as my trunk – but I bet it can’t do this!” And he filled up his trunk from the waterfall and gave them both a lovely cool shower to play in. They were both really happy to have made a new friend, and they were both soaking wet!

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