My travel agent booked me on a special offer to Tea Pot Tree Island. In the brochure it looked extraordinarily interesting. When I arrived everything seemed a little bit bonkers.Suddenly in front of me there were hundreds of jazzy walking teapots, dancing in all different directions. Amazingly, a bright pink spotty teapot lady whisked me up on to her magic tea tray bus contraption.
Everyone sat still while the magic tea tray took off like a magic carpet – ZOOOOOOM. When soaring around the bend, I heard 3,2, 1 and a loud shrieeeeeeeeek – I had landed.
I had arrived in the Wildly Wooing Haunted Forest. The purple pumping trees moaned loudly because they had no crispy crackles. I tiptoed towards the trees. The teapots shouted “NO DONT GO!” but it was a second too late a large branch with giggling bats hanging from it had hugged me so tight that my cheeks went blue. The tree turned me upside down, swung me backwards in the air and let go. I somersaulted into the top of the trees trunk which was like a giant whales mouth with orange and green pointy teeth.
I landed bottom first in a lake of vampire fish swimming in warm green tea. I needed to escape as the vampire fish were swimming towards me at an extremely fast pace.
So I began banging on the inside of the trees trunk, this made the tea splash and splosh all over my skin – I turned purple. Surprisingly I felt a massive whirling wind around me. I was being pushed towards the bottom of the trunk where the vampire fish were waiting for me with big grins on their faces.
I closed my eyes and crossed my knees as the purple pumping tree cracked open and pumped me into the air with a big smelly gas filled cloud which came out in one big whoosh. I landed down the chimney of a haunted house where the clock struck thirteen. I knew I needed to get home fast.
Footsteps were coming so I ran towards the door it was locked. “Please don’t go” I heard as I turned around to see a very friendly mummy who just wanted to enjoy some tea and crispy crackles with me.
Asking how he had the biscuits when the purple pumping trees were moaning for them. He said “he had been hiding them in cellar until somebody was kind enough to visit”.
We left the crispy crackles for the trees and the magic tea tray took us both back to the airport. I bought an extra ticket for my new friend the mummy to be my companion on my next adventure journey.

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