Young Story Writer entry, “My Fantastic Journey” by Finley Blackburn, age 8 - Al Fresco Holidays

A knight and a princess, a giant and a witch. Today’s entry of the day is fairytale themed, check it out -

Once upon a time there was a young boy. He wasn’t just any boy, he was a hero. He was a knight called Jake.

Every morning he went to see Princess Libby. One day, he found that a giant and a witch had stolen all of her treasure. Jake said ‘what’s wrong?’ to the princess. She said all of her treasure had been stolen. All of her jewels, all her gold, all her shiny diamonds.

Then Jake said ‘have you got any clues about who stole them?’ Princess Libby said ‘yes I have. There were two people that stole the treasure. They were Bad Witch and Sonic Wave the Giant.’

Jake said ‘I’ll go and find your treasure in a brave voice, and that’s a royal promise!’

So he ran back home and pulled a lever. His armour came onto his body by a big machine. The armour was gold and very hard for people to pierce. On the armour there was a blue star on his chest that fired lasers.
Then he ran fast to the creepy forest. He was a little scared. He heard cracks. He kept walking and he found out that there was a little cottage and a massive cottage in the middle of the forest. He found out something else – that the little cottage was the witches and the massive cottage was the giants.

Just then, Sonic Waves the Giant opened the door, but it wasn’t just any giant. It was a giant robot. Every word he said made a musical note.

The hero ran back to the princess who lived in a castle floating in the middle of a river.

The hero said ‘you didn’t tell me it was a giant robot!’ Jake ran to the snowy mountains and saw a dark gloomy cave full of ice. Then he heard a bear. It was a friendly bear. The bear had a pet wolf. He said to Jake the Hero ‘what are you up to little boy?’ Jake said ‘I’m trying to find help to defeat the robot and the witch.’ ‘I’ll give you my wolf. He will help’ said the bear.

Off Jake and the wolf went back to the giants cottage. They knocked on the door and when the giant came out, Jake attacked him with his sword and fired a laser from his chest.

Suddenly the robot started to sing a tune and the witch appeared like a firework. The wolf teleported behind her and knocked her down from behind. The wolf then growled fiercely and scared her so she wouldn’t get up. She was so scared she disappeared like a firework with bright lights and a bang.

Then with the bang, the giants tummy opened and out fell all the treasure. The wolf helped Jake pick it all up and then ran back home. When Jake arrived back at the castle with all the treasure , Princess Libby said ‘Thank you Jake, you really are a hero!’ then they celebrated with a party.

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