Young Story Writer entry, “The Sea Birds Holiday” by Robyn Walker, age 7 - Al Fresco Holidays

What’s do penguins like to do? Eat fish of course! Read what else Penguins like to do in Robyn’s story -

On February 6, penguins flew to France across the mountains. The 6 penguins were very funny, nice and cuddly. They were called … Peppy, Steve, Pooky, Willy Wonker, Silly, Billy and Snowbird.

Suddenly the food trolly came they all shouted “FISH”. The snack person said calmly “how many?” “12 please?” “thank you” said the penguins, “£12.20″. When they got there they spotted a house, (there was no one in).

“This can be where we stay” said Steve in a happy way. For the rest of the day they played scrabble and guess who. At night they waddled across to the garage and Peppy got the cot, Steve, Pooky and Willy Wonker got the big bed, Silly and Billy grabbed the other big bed and Snowbird got the slide out bed.

The next day they went to the ski shop and got some skis they went on the bubble and did some skiing. Then they went on a chair lift, also on a button pull. The penguins went to the restaurant got some lovely smelly FISH! They did some more skiing and went down in the bubble. Then each day they did the same thing. They then went on an aeroplane got the same snacks and went straight home, The end.

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