Young Story Writer entry, “Dave the Dragon’s Holiday adventure” by Emma Foster, age 6 - Al Fresco Holidays

What would you think a fire breathing dragon’s name would be? Well in Emma’s story, his name is Dave! Read Dave the dragon’s adventure here -

Once, there was a dragon called Dave. He was a tall, scaly, fire breathing dragon, but he was also very friendly. His best friend was a little Gecko called George and their most favourite thing to do together in the whole world, was to go on holiday as often as they could. They loved to have barbecues in the summer and camp fires at night and so Dave the Dragon would often use his fire to help with these things, and they would sit together in the evening and chat about all the wonderful places they could visit.

One day, Dave the Dragon woke up very excited, as it was the day that he was going to Australia! He had never been to Australia before but had heard so many wonderful things about it. It was going to be a very long day though, as Australia was a very, very, very long way away from his little cave in North Wales, but Dave wasn’t bothered, he was far too excited so get even the littlest bit tired! He hurriedly packed his suitcase, and made sure he had all his things such as sun cream and swimming shorts, and double checked that he had his dragon passport ready. He gathered his things and set off to George the Gecko’s hole in the wall where he was waiting, ready to be collected. George climbed up onto Dave the Dragon, checked his wings were all intact and ready for the flight ahead, made himself comfy and then that was it.They were off. They flew high over mountains, and swooped over trees, soared over the ocean in the warm summer breeze. Followed a river and glided fast over sand, and that’s when they saw it was time to land.

They had made good time, in just over 8 hours and Dave made a joke about secretly being rocket powered. They landed with a little bump and a bit of a scrape which made Dave slight dusty, but he shook himself clean, picked up his suitcase and off they skipped to their luxury Australian cave which was to be their new home for the next two weeks! During their holiday they saw many wonderful things and had many great adventures.

They climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge, went to the Aquarium, enjoyed a speed boat trip and even met a Koala called Kip at the zoo. They sunbathed on the beach, and swam in the sea, and they even took a road trip to see Ayres rock. Every day they were busy enjoying Australian life and they loved the fact that the sun seemed to shine every single day. As the last day of their holiday arrived, they were both very sad to leave, but they knew it was time to go home. So George the Gecko climbed onto the dragon, checked his wings, made himself comfy and they set off, chatting all the way back home and planning their next big adventure!

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