Young Story Writer entry, “A Fantastic Journey in the Wild West” by Kate Sharkey - Al Fresco Holidays

Imagine being a horse in the wild west and being captured by evil cowboys! That’s what happens in Kate Sharkey’s story here -

It was a dusty hot day and I was doing my usual job, rounding up the buffalo. I was with my two mates; Pepper and Toffee (I’ve been friends with them for years now). We were cantering around the hot gritty ground having the time of our life, chasing the buffalo. Our owners were thrashing back and forth the whips to get the tough buffalo to move in the right direction.

Suddenly some other people came and began hitting me, Pepper and Toffee! They were trying to capture us! I ran like the wind in the other direction away from the people, with Pepper  and Toffee closely behind. I told myself I wouldn’t stop, not for anything. It was no good though because the people were gaining on us…and fast! I tried my hardest to run quicker.

As I looked back, all I saw was a big rope hoop flying towards me. I went ‘thump’ and I was captured. All in a flash it went black.

I woke up in a small cramped cage with no one else with me. For a moment I forgot what had happened but soon it all came rushing back to me. I looked around and saw lots of shelters that the people must use. Behind me in the other cages were my friends Pepper and Toffee. A person was coming towards me. He was dressed like my owner so I guessed he was a cowboy. When he got to me he said they soon I would be one of their horses!

I stretched my neck up and saw it was getting dark so I lay down to sleep.I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep but soon I was dreaming of all that had happened that day.

The next morning I woke up with an idea to get away from the horrible cowboys. I whinnied my idea to my two friends to get them to help. After breakfast I nodded towards my friends and we began the plan. We started kicking the doors off our cages while the men were in their shelters getting breakfast. This was hard work! We kicked and kicked until the doors went ‘crash’! Now all we had to do was run. It wouldn’t be long before the cowboys came after us.

We ran and ran until we couldn’t see the shelters any more. We ran a long way back to our families. Back to freedom! What a fantastic, scary journey it had been!

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