Young Story Writer entry, “My Night in ToyRus” by Daisy Hall - Al Fresco Holidays

Spending a night in a toy shop sounds fun.. but what if the toys come alive? Read Daisy’s story to find out! -

I was in the car looking out the window as we drove past rows and rows of houses. I was feeling utterly excited. Do you know why? because my mum and I were on the way to ToysRus!
So, my name is Jordan, I’m seven years old and I can’t wait! Oh yeah one more thing, I forgot I have a stupid big brother. He’s called Michael and he’s 11 and that makes him think he’s so much better than me.

So I’m getting out the car after eventually arriving at the ToysRus car park and going into the shop and then guess what we hear an announcement:
“Could all visitors head towards the tills for we will be closing shortly.”
I mean come on! Really how bad is that, the best shop in the world is closing and we’ve only just got here.

As we head towards the exit my eye catches something.
“Be back in a sec” I mumble to mum then I slide off check it out. I must have been ages looking at it and the stuff around it because when I look up I can’t see her anywhere.:I

Then suddenly it all went  dark. I start to feel really scared, after a while I get a hold of myself and work out that the store has just probably shut for the night and the lights have just been turned out. A couple of minutes later I’m still sitting in the same position running all of this through my head.

“YESSSSSS!!!” A whole night in a toy shop, it couldn’t be better!!!
But first I had to switch the lights on…It would be hard for a normal person to do this but me, being me found it simple. I love ToysRus so much and I look it up so much when I’m on the internet I know it like the back of my hand so I know where the switch is!

So after getting the switch on I am given the task of choosing what to look at first…
Then you’d never guess what, I walk past some ballerina dolls that are about as tall as I was when I was five. As I walk further away I start to hear rustling coming from where they were. I look back and it stops but then I hear giggling. I walk closer and then they jump off their rack, followed by lots of other toys!

I feel a slight tugging at my braided brown hair. I turn around to find a group of Sylvanian Families piled on top of each other to reach my hair. A little one was standing next to the pile and staring me right in the eye, his little fury face was adorable . He was the cutest thing you’d ever seen.
I was getting really tired so I sat down, immediately after I sat down the sylvanian families jumped onto my lap, then I decided to go zzzzzzzzzzz…

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