Young Story Writer entry “Saying Goodbye to My Pirate Island” by Malia Lamb, age 8 - Al Fresco Holidays

When Malia and her friends were stranded on an Island, little did they know they would never want to leave! Read her story here -

We were all having a great time on Pirate Island. Little did we know it would soon end.

One bright day, we were outside playing. Sophie and Isabella were on the beach collecting shells. I was trying to keep little Thea happy by playing with her by the pond.

Suddenly, I heard the noise of a helicopter and looked up from what I was doing. The helicopter circled above me as though it was looking for something. I grabbed Thea and ran into our house in the hill because the noise was very loud and was scaring little Thea.

The helicopter had noticed the smoke coming out from a hill, saw the little chimney and began to look for a place to land. The noise grew louder. Thea was now screaming with fright so I held her tight.

I looked out the window and saw that the helicopter had landed and I watched the people got out of it. Straight away, I recognized them. It was mother and father. They had come to rescue us. I didn’t want to be rescued but it was too late to hide.

Mummy came to the door and could hear Thea crying. “Thea!” she cried. As soon as Thea heard her voice she leapt out of my arms, opened the door and jumped into her arms. Now she was happy at last.

I was pleased to see Thea happy but was sad too because I knew that this meant that we would have to leave Pirate Island. Mother was crying and I thought she might be angry. She saw that I was confused. “Oh, sweetheart! I am SO happy to have found you safe…everyone thought that you had drowned but my heart told me you were still alive.”

I told Mummy all about the Mermaids who had helped us get to the island and the fairies who helped us build a shelter. She gave me a kiss. I don’t think she believed me…

I smiled as Father gave me a big hug and tickle. I think he had been crying too. Even I began to cry and suddenly knew that even though I loved being on the island, I wanted to go home. I held Daddy’s hand as we walked back to the helicopter but soon I turned around. No! I could not go!

“Wait! Stop! I can’t leave!” I cried, yanking my hand away. “Why not?” asked Daddy, confused. “Because Sophie and Isabella are still on the island. I can’t leave without them!” Daddy smiled, “Don’t worry! They’re already in the helicopter. We rescued them from the beach.”

I felt relieved. They were safe. I took one last look at my lovely little hill house. I waved to the fairies and with tears swelling up in my eyes, I ran with Daddy to the helicopter. As we flew away from my beloved Pirate Island, I was sure I saw the mermaids splashing about in the water, waving good-bye.

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