Young Story Writer entry, “The Journey” by Evie Kemkaran-Thompson - Al Fresco Holidays

A magic unicorn is more than a myth in Evie’s story “The Journey”, have a read of our entry of the day below -

The unicorn of Destiny watches for anyone needing help. She sees Emily wandering lost after falling off her pony Starlight. Destiny wants to help but has to wait as her powers only work at dusk.

Above the clouds, Destiny the magic unicorn watched for anything in sight that needed help. Destiny had to wait if she saw anything ‘cause her powers only worked when it fell dark. As she watched on her crystal rock, she saw people coming home from school.

In a village called Great Easton, Emily went down and got her horse from the stable at the end of the garden. Her horse was called Starlight and Starlight was a dun mare with a black mane and tail. They always went riding into the forest because it was a quiet and peaceful place. That day there was a bird that flew down from a tree that spooked Starlight and made her rear. Emily fell off because of that and Starlight cantered away. Emily sat on the ground feeling dazed wondering what would happen next.

Destiny saw what happened and magically appeared in front of Emily. Emily gazed at her, astonished.

“But… Unicorns don’t exist… do they?” Emily said.
“Yes they do” said Destiny, “Especially magic ones”.

“I’ll help, but my powers only work when night falls. So until then, I cannot help you. But I will help you search for Starlight . Let’s start searching.” They searched and searched all over the forest. .But they could not find Starlight. That made Emily feel sad but she knew she would find Starlight soon, hopefully.

At night Emily came out of her house and went to look for Destiny. After five minutes of searching Emily found Destiny. Destiny said to her that she would use her powers to show where Starlight was. She twirled her horn in the air.and it made a glittering circle.

Suddenly Emily saw.a picture of Starlight grazing on grass in a clearing. The moonlight was shining on her. It as well showed a path covered with orange leaves and then it showed a giant blossom tree.

They found the blossom tree and next to it was the orange leaf path. When they were half way along the path they heard a growl from the shadows. They looked round quickly and saw a lioness creeping towards them from the shadows.

Suddenly Destiny shot out a stream of sparks towards the lion. Then she made her horn go in a circle above them. It went all the way down then Destiny said “This is a shield so that the lion cannot get us if it jumps at us.”

They galloped on and suddenly saw Starlight in the moonlight. Starlight looked up and trotted towards them. She still had her saddle and bridle on so Emily took Starlight’s reins and mounted onto Starlight. Emily thanked Destiny and trotted home. She felt very happy and she would never forget Destiny.

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