Young Story Writer entry, ‘My Fantastic Journey’ by Nathan Bryan, age 10 - Al Fresco Holidays

Take a look at our fantastic entry of the day by Nathan Bryan – two heroes go on an adventure to Egypt!

My name is Rameses and one day with my friend Tutankhamen, we set off on a fantastic journey to get some medicine for our friend Hari who was very sick.

We went to Siwa and found that this special medicine which was inside a giant pyramid that was guarded by a mummy. The mummy chased us into the room where his tomb was. Round and round we were chased until we managed to push the mummy into his tomb and quickly put the lid on it!

We found the medicine in a room next to the tomb, put it into our bag and travelled back by camel hoping we did not meet another mummy,  but when we got home we couldn’t find Hari. We looked everywhere except under his bed and a few hours later we found him there ! Hari took the medicine and soon felt better. We were very glad.

People heard about our adventure and came to see that Hari had got better.Two of those who came were the king’s servants.

They shouted to us and Hari, ” Let us take you to the King”. We were all puzzled and when we arrived at the palace we thought it was dream. We pinched ourselves and realised it wasn’t. We entered the palace and went to the king on his throne. The King praised us saying ” You are great, brave men, I will give you each your own palace and when you die you will have a tomb like mine and will be remembered as two of the bravest men in Egypt. My servants will bring your belongings to your palace”.

When we came out the king’s servant called to us and said ” Let us take you to your palace”. When we saw it we wondered how the king could give us such a place. We went back as we thought we should thank him for his kind generosity!

A few months later we wrote a letter to the king asking ”How are you?” – but the king did not reply so we went to his palace and found he had been kidnapped! When we arrived there was someone else on the throne and when we asked this man ”Where is the king ?” he replied ”My helpers have taken him away to somewhere where you will never find him!”

We left and thought of where he could be hidden. We went back to the pyramid with Hari who said ” Is this where you found the mummy?” ”Yes! ” we both said. We looked in every tomb until Tutankhamen found a half hidden one. We opened it and there was the king! ”

Thank you for saving me. You will all be given your own thrones and your very own servants – six of them each. You saved my life . Let us go to my palace, take back my throne and celebrate”.

My fantastic journey was not over yet…

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