Young Story Writer entry, “A Brave Knight” by Elijah Smart, age 6 - Al Fresco Holidays

Our entry of the day is a fantastic story by six year old Elijah Smart. Sir Thomas is a brave knight who goes on an adventure to France with his trusty steed to France, find out what happens here -

Once there lived a brave knight who lived in a splendid castle. His name was Sir Thomas. One day he decided to go on a journey to Paris with his horse called Toby. Toby was pretty excited about this.“Giddy up” shouted Sir Thomas as  they rode off into the sunset.

As they approached the harbour they were just in time because their boat was just leaving, so they quickly climbed aboard. As they sailed past many trees and bridges they came across something that looked like an elf.

When the boat arrived in France Sir Thomas was still wondering about the elf. Next Thomas got off the boat and started walking, then he got a shock, for there in front of him was Paris. “I’m here” he screeched loudly. All the neighbours ran out of their houses to see what the noise was. Sir Thomas didn’t`t know how to say “sorry” in French so he hurried off.

“Why did I come here when I don’t know how to speak their language?” he thought. Then he remembered about the elf. “Was it really an elf” he thought, “I`ve got a plan,” he said to Toby. “We sneak out at the dead of night and look for the elf”. “Neigh” said Sir Thomas`s horse in agreement. So in the middle of the night they crept away with a torch, they walked and they walked, but there was no sign of an elf.

Suddenly in the shadows they saw an elf! “Who are you?” The elf said nothing. “I said ‘Who are you?’” shouted Sir Thomas. There was still no answer. “Perhaps he speaks French.” said Sir Thomas, then the elf walked away. “Toby, where are you?” shouted Sir Thomas.

Sir Thomas heard a distant rumbling sound, the ground started to tremble. An earthquake! He thought. Then Sir Thomas heard the clip-clop of hooves. The clip-clop grew louder and louder! “Toby” shouted Sir Thomas. Suddenly Toby burst through the trees.
“Slow down boy!” shouted Sir Thomas, but it was too late! Toby had already crashed into ten people! “Toby,” shouted Sir Thomas “Come here”! Toby obeyed Sir Thomas`s commands. “Look at all the people you`ve knocked down” said Sir Thomas to Toby. Toby looked at Sir Thomas frightfully.

“There`s no need to be scared” laughed Sir Thomas, “Neigh” said Toby in reply. “Come on let`s go to the cafe and have a drink” said Sir Thomas. So they did. Sir Thomas had a hot chocolate and Toby had a bowl of water. “Now we are full of drink we shall go on a walk.” They bumped into 16 people on their walk.

They didn’t`t talk to the people (like me or you do) they just hurried past. When they got back to St.Emilion(which is a town in France) Sir Thomas said “that was a long walk, I need a rest.” So Sir Thomas rested in the armchair while Toby ate some carrots. Then Sir Thomas learnt how to speak French.

The End

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