Young Story Writer entry, ‘The Sweetest Fall’, by Tia Finch - Al Fresco Holidays

Everyone loves eating sugary treats, but can you imagine a whole world made entirely of sweets? Well in Tia’s story there is one and it’s called ‘Sweetie Land’! -

One sunny morning Tia and Roxy went out into the garden to pick some flowers for their mum. As they skipped hand in hand down to the bottom of the garden, everything went black. “Ahhhhhhhhhh” Tia and Roxy screamed as they fell further and further into a deep, dark hole.

Suddenly they were blinded by the brightest light and their fall was broken by the fluffiest landing they could ever imagine.

Tia opened her eyes and looked around for Roxy but she couldn’t see her. It looked as though she had landed on a giant ball of cotton wool.

“Hmmmmmmm, yummy” Tia heard behind her. She looked around to see Roxy’s head poking up from the cotton wool ball with what looked like a mouthful of cloud! “Iff candyfloff Tia” said Roxy with the biggest smile on her face. “Wow” said Tia, filling her own mouth. “Iff fluvfly”

The more they ate the further the cloud sank. Until eventually they reached the floor. They stepped off the cloud onto a solid chocolate path that had lollipop and marshmallow trees on either side. Tia and Roxy could not believe their eyes. They were in sweetie heaven!

They walked along the path and heard a low rumbling noise. “Was that your belly Roxy? You must have eaten too much candy floss” said Tia. “That’s not me Tia, it’s that” said Roxy pointing to a huge doughnut shaped volcano exploding with jam. They both giggled and ran towards it licking their lips.

“Nooooooooooo” came a high pitched squeak. A tiny gingerbread man sat on a hill of jelly. “You’ll get stuck in the jam” he warned. “I can show you the yummiest thing in Sweetie Land. Follow me” he said, sliding down the hill of jelly.

Tia and Roxy followed the gingerbread man past the volcano, through a field of jelly beans, across a chocolate finger bridge and into a village made from liquorice all sorts. They entered a house and inside they saw the biggest selection of ice cream they had ever seen. “Tuck in!” said the gingerbread man.

Tia and Roxy ate toffee, strawberry, mint, vanilla and butterscotch ice-cream, until they couldn’t eat another mouthful. They felt like they were going to explode. Tia and Roxy sat down, bloated and tired. “I haven’t had butterscotch ice cream since we went to the seaside with mummy and daddy” Tia said. “Me too” said Roxy.

They went quiet, then looked at each other and said “I want to go home.” “But how?” said Roxy with worry in her voice. “Wait a minute” said the gingerbread man as he pulled two packets of popping candy out of his pocket. “Eat these. When you hear the popping close your eyes and you’ll be back home”

Tia and Roxy ate the popping candy they were given. They felt a tingling on their tongue and reached out to hold hands. They heard the popping and closed their eyes tight. When they opened their eyes again they were back home in their garden. “Wow, what a journey!” said Tia.

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