Young Story Writer entry, ‘Dogs Go Crazy’ by Megan Scragg, age 9 - Al Fresco Holidays

We all know a dog that has acted a bit loopy at one time or another, but in Megan’s entry for our Young Story Writer competition, all of the dogs start to act very strange indeed…

Dogs are known as gentle, fun and sometimes calm. But something strange happened on February 22nd. It all started at Gemma’s house. Gemma was a sweet, young and friendly girl who owned a funny looking dog called Rupert. Rupert was enjoying his tea when he suddenly felt himself vibrating. What could happen next?

Rupert soon started to run around the house madly, he jumped and trashed the place! Gemma tried to catch him but his speed was so fast and powerful it knocked her out of the way. Rupert sprinted out of the door and ran across the road. BEEP! BEEP! Rupert was nearly hit by a car but managed to escape. Five days past and Rupert didn’t return. Gemma was so worried.” Mummy “said Gemma “do you think Rupert is lost and maybe still a bit crazy.”“I’m not sure dear but he will return” her mum said trying to comfort her.

Rupert was still running loose but not on his own any more. By all of his barking it made dogs vibrate and go mad! He led a pack full of dogs and they all felt free. Soon they entered the zoo. Barking as loud as they could, they ran and scared most people but mainly animals! Lions roared as the group of dogs ran past, hyenas giggled and the penguins just stared. Newspapers were made as soon as possible as they wanted to give a warning to people about the crazy dogs.

After a week the dogs calmed down a bit as they were all exhausted after their long journey. Gemma was still very worried about Rupert as he was her only friend and she loved him more than anything in the world. “Mummy “said Gemma, “can’t we go out and look for Rupert, I’m sure he’s not far.”

“No dear, he will return you’ll see he will return with not one mark! Don’t ask me again or you’ll give me a headache!” Her mother said sternly. “Ok mum, I won’t ask you again as you wish” Gemma was so sad and she couldn’t believe what her mum said. She thought does my mum love Rupert? She walked up to her room and sat on her bed wanting the love what Rupert always gives her all the time.

She decided that she must sneak out and search for Rupert herself. At 3am she quietly went down the stairs and opened the door. She put on her coat and went outside. First she went and looked in the park as he always loved walking there but he wasn’t in sight. Next she tried the vet as he always feels safe there. He wasn’t in sight. Then she tried the zoo as he likes watching the monkeys. All of a sudden she heard a little woof. She called Rupert’s name and he came running over to her! She had finally found him and they were together at last again!

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