Young Story Writer entry, “Journey Through a Portal” Phoebe Holmwood age 12 - Al Fresco Holidays

Wouldn’t it be great if we could travel to a destination by a magic Portal? Phoebe Holmwood has written a brilliant story about finding a magical portal in an old dictionary…

One day when I was lolling around my street I spotted an odd looking dictionary on the ground. It had moss and weeds growing around it. I went to pick it up as I could use it at school instead of asking everyone else for one, although they always refused to assist me. I didn’t have many friends, mostly because I thought they were all arrogant and they just thought I was weird. However, when I reached for it the paperback flew open onto a page flowing with exotic words beginning with ‘P’.

Then I saw a definition that confused me; ‘a way of travelling to a place someone or something has been transported to without physically moving’, I looked up to the word and it said ‘portal’. I went to rub the dirt of it to ensure I’d read the word correctly but when my finger hit the page my head span like a whirlwind, my body went completely numb and I sensed myself being thrown around by invisible hands until I finally felt sick enough to grasp out for something to steady me.

However, I continued to spin uncontrollably and began to see images of gold that stunned my eyes so much it made me feel even more nauseous. As I slowed circling I saw more and more sights of beauty before me; it was a shame that I couldn’t fully appreciate such unbelievably gorgeous scenery. It was like an art museum filled with sensational sculptures, panoramic paintings and inspiring illustrations describing somebody’s luxurious life. Just when I thought I was going to stop whirling my body starts flailing frantically even speedier dissolving the picturesque illustrations.

Quicker and quicker. Faster and faster. My brain and body couldn’t stand for it any longer. “STOP!” I yelled so loudly and forcefully I actually ceased spinning and collapsed onto the floor. I expected muddy ground but was greeted with cold marble tiles stinging my pale skin, why was I here? I got up and wandered around touching all the ornaments and gaping up at the diamond chandeliers that hung above me, amazed by what I never knew existed.

That was definitely a journey I did not wish to recall; my head very slowly started to piece itself together again as my bony hands released their grip on my scruffy brunette hair that only just dangled past my shoulders. I realised then that it was no coincidence I was transported here when I touched that specific word, there must have been a reason for it. The only logical explanation I could sum up was that the dictionary really was a portal; as impossible as it sounds I had somehow got into that new world and had suffered through that tremendous voyage. The only problem I had then was getting back home…

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