Young Story Writer entry, “Moon Safari” by Ben Tipping, age 7 - Al Fresco Holidays

Everyone enjoys a trip to the zoo, but Ben has written an imaginative story about a trip to see animals on the moon! Take a look at our entry of the day here -

The lion looked straight at them and yawned. Jill and Barney laughed and whispered about how they would love to see all of their favourite animals in the wild. They enjoyed days at the zoo but seeing creatures without glass walls would be better.

Later that same day, Barney and Jill went to watch a new record breaking plane. Everyone was excited and Jill wondered how close they would be able to get.

Speedy the speed jet noticed the two children near the end of the runway and asked if they would like a lift. Barney and Jill quickly ran to Speedy and they took off in a flash.

Not long into their amazingly fast journey they met a talking space rocket. Barney wondered what the rocket was called and was very surprised when the rocket said ‘I’m Sid, would you like a ride?’

Barney and Jill jumped on board and off they zoomed. There were so many buttons on Sid but luckily they all had labels. The middle button was the biggest for ‘landing wheels’. As soon  as they reached the moon Barney pressed that button and they rolled and rumbled over the rocky surface.

Sid told Barney and Jill to look carefully behind some volcanic rocks. They followed the rocket’s instructions and there staring straight at that them was a magnificent, incredibly small, white lion. Barney gasped as he noticed a brilliant white antelope galloping by, right over his foot! Jill carefully sat down on a moon rock and pointed at zebras, rhinos, elephants and cheetahs all fantastically small and shimmering in whiteness.

Sid smiled and asked them if they liked the moon safari. He explained the creatures had to be white and tiny to fit on the moon and live unseen. Barney and Jill explored crater after crater and saw the most wonderful creatures they had ever dreamed about. When they put their hands into the moon dust herds of miniature white buffalo ran around and over their fingers. One elephant lifted her trunk and tickled the top of Jill’s fingernail. Barney giggled and said ‘Let’s go and find the moonfish’.

At the bottom of the largest crater was a pool of black and white glistening liquid. The bright white fish were flying and diving in and out. Some of their splashes reached the children’s hands and they watched with amazement as the drops of liquid floated upwards before suddenly dropping back from where they came.

Before their journey home Sid showed Barney and Jill how to make models of the animals from the moon dust. Soon they made an entire tiny moon zoo with statues of every creature they had seen. Barney and Jill made statues of themselves, Sid and Speedy which they left for the next moon visitors to see.

Barney and Jill took their moon zoo statues home with the smallest, white lion smiling at the front of the herds.

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