Young Story Writer entry, “Tarna’s Amazing Travels” by Emma Geddes, age 8 - Al Fresco Holidays

Our young story writer Emma has written a fantastic story about meeting a famous adventurer called Tarna. Check it out here -

Many years ago, Tarna Traveler used to travel to different countries. It just so happened, that I was traveling at the same time as Tarna. “She always has an adventure,” I thought. And that was true; Tarna did always have a great adventure no matter wherever it was or whatever she was doing. But this time she didn’t have one until the very end of her holiday. Tarna was well known and I couldn’t believe it was really her. I went up to Tarna and said to her “Hello, would you be kind enough, to hold my autograph booklet whilst I take a photo of you?”

“Of course young lady, as you asked so nicely”. So Tarna took the autograph booklet and I took a photo of Tarna. After I’d taken a photo of Tarna, I asked her if she would sign my book but before she could answer, a mighty wind blew and it took Tarna and I away!! “Isn’t this unusual? I know I always have an adventure but this is so strange and NEVER in my life has something happened like this,” shouted Tarna, but her voice was taken away in the wind. What did you say?” I bellowed. But there was no answer.

They were spinning around in the middle of nowhere, they were so confused, not knowing where they were! Suddenly, an alien appeared standing right in front of them, the two girls fainted as if they had just been hypnotised! Wow, how could an adventure be so fascinating on just the last day of Tarna’s holiday! Never mind that the girls had just fainted in front of an awful, angry alien, who wanted to make the most of winning against the girls. Tarna begged and begged for the alien to leave them alone. He wouldn’t!

So Tarna stopped begging and looked to me. The alien had wings so he didn’t fall down but they couldn’t see that so they just fell down. “Lady Luck is smiling on us” said Tarna because they had just fallen into a flying airplane and were not harmed at all. Then all of a sudden the alien seemed to fly down to them – how strange. Now they were in deep trouble! “Ah now you’re in my clutches of badness ah ha ha ha ha!!”chuckled the alien. “It was pointless wasn’t it you are going to face me and when you have failed to face me I am going to take you to Alienburp land,” laughed the alien enjoying the sight of two girls struggling to understand what he was saying.

Two minutes later Tarna said “We need to get out of this problem”. The airplane swiftly sped off and the horrid alien couldn’t keep up with the girls. It was hours later that the alien had fallen in front of them he was only a toy from a girl at the holiday club. Finally the plane went to France and Tarna continued on her magical travels.

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