Young Story Writer entry, “Roley’s New Home” by Bailey Thompson, age 9 - Al Fresco Holidays

Read about Alice and her pony Roley’s adventure in a lovely story by Bailey Thomspon for our Young Story Writer competition -

One summer’s day Alice was playing with her friends in her beautiful garden when Alice’s mum came out with some bad news.

“Alice, we are moving house. Your dad and I can’t pay the bills anymore,” announced Alice’s mum. So the next day they moved house and Alice’s poor pony, Roley had no grazing in the new house, which was very small.

Alice thought of riding Roley to her Aunt Monica’s farm so that Roley had some grazing. Alice’s mum phoned Aunt Monica to see if Roley could stay at her farm because Alice really liked her pony.

“Of course Roley can stay here! Alice will be fine riding him here, we’ve ridden here before,” said Aunt Monica. So Alice’s mum let Alice go.

Early in the morning, Alice mounted Roley and set off on her journey and the lovely pony sensed adventure ahead. The scenery was great. The birds were singing, the flowers were bright and the sun was out.

When they stopped, Alice met some children whose names were Abigail and John. They offered Alice and Roley the chance to stay at their house that night. After that, Alice played with her new friends and Roley had the time of his life. He had lots of hay and a nice, comfy bed.

In the morning Alice had a lovely breakfast and then set off again. Abigail and John showed her the way and waved goodbye as Alice and Roley rode out of sight. They galloped until lunch and sat under a big tree to eat the sandwiches John’s mum had given her.

Roley munched the green grass when he suddenly fell to the floor. Alice knew exactly what had happened as she had watched a pony do this before and seen how to help the pony. Roley had eaten some nettles and that had caused him to fall over. Luckily at that moment a car drove past with a vet inside.

The vet saw what had happened and stopped to help. Roley soon recovered from the fall and was on his way again. When they set off again it was misty. They trotted until out of the mist came the sight of Aunt Monica’s huge farm. Quickly, Alice got off Roley and led him to the door of the farm house. Alice knocked on the door and Aunt Monica opened the door with a smile on her face.

“Hello, dear you are just in time, I’ve just finished making tea,” welcomed Aunt Monica. So Alice put Roley in the stables with some hay and carrots and went inside for her own tea. Roley lived on the farm from then on. Whilst Alice was having her tea she told Aunt Monica all about her journey. Alice’s parents phoned the next day to say they were coming to pick Alice up and go home.

“We will visit Roley as much as we can,” said Alice’s parents and they did.

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