Young Story Writer entry, “Bogus and the Bigfoot” by Cian Knight, age 10 - Al Fresco Holidays

Our entry of the day for our Young Story Writer competition has been sent through by Cian Knight. Cian’s story is an adventure story, hunting for the legendary Bigfoot! Take a look here -

Rattle, Crank, Shake! Went the unstable plane as it swiftly drifted over the stunning and bewildering landscape. I was on a hunt. An immensely exciting hunt for the legendary, the elusive, and the controversial Bigfoot. A.K.A Sasquatch. By the way my name is Bogus, Bogus Bunco. I would class myself as an average run of the mill, rather potbellied nine year old.

My unstoppable Bigfoot obsession all started one uneventful day, under the winter sun that seemed to be grasping for life, when I met up with my best friend Thomas. His eyes gleamed with a diamond encrusted glint. He showed me a picture that was so beautiful, so life changing, you could faintly in the back of your mind see the heart- warming smile on Roger Patterson’s hillbilly face when he snapped that pivotal picture.

From that moment on I was absolutely obsessed with Bigfoot. So….. I’m on the cheapest plane I could find which by the way was preposterously cheap at only £60.00. It’s taking me to the remote and extreme Himalayas in Nepal. I flew past a luxurious airport with an onsite 5 star hotel and idiotically thought that it was the one I booked. But sadly no, it was not. Mine was the unhygienic and ram shackled tin shack next door to it, It was horrific.

When I say horrific I mean there was no toilet, running water and worst of all snakes slithered around the cobblestone floor. The snakes eyes were entrancing, beyond measure & were able to even hypnotise me momentarily. That night I sneaked into the nearest forest. I was hoping maybe in the deepest, darkest corners of the forest a Bigfoot was lurking. As I approached a fallen tree I noticed something gnawing on some peanuts.

My first thought was “Stupid Raccoon.” But, I could smell a smell so smelly it puts the smelliest to shame so I came up with a new word for it: Pulversmation. Overall, the smell was repulsive and sulphurous. Then, I noticed a shadow of a strange Human posture. It was Bigfoot!!! Every instinct screamed “leg it!” but that would just startle the mighty beast. Electrifying shivers amplified rapidly down my bony spine.

I froze stiff in pure horror. This of course was a total overreaction as Bigfoot is a vegetarian so he’d have no reason to eat a chubby little kid. Would he? The gnawing sound stopped unexpectedly. The silence was deafening. Then, faintly, oh it was ever so faintly a high pitched ringing sound struck me. It sounded like my alarm clock. I gradually opened my exhausted eyes and realised I was lying in bed. It was Monday morning!

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