Young Story Writer entry, “My Peeerfect Life”by Charlotte Vincent - Al Fresco Holidays

Do you sometimes wish you knew what your pet was thinking? In Charlotte Vincent’s entry for our Young Story Writer competition, she has written the story from her cat’s perspective! Check it out here -

“Meow, Meow” I wish they would wake up. Somebody please let me in. I was stood there, above the square where the pet humans put there machines. Finally, someone came and let me in. It was the biggest pet human, who had no hair at all. I strolled around in the warm heat. Today was Thursday – the pet humans would soon be going off in their machines. That meant I had to go outside. But I didn’t mind, today would be an adventure.

The other day I met another cat called Bob and Toby – he’s a dog. I was now strolling around the garden, the wind whipping across my face. And there was Bob waiting for me. The two of us squeezed through the small gap that lead to upside down land. Our land, I was now in charge. This land was where the pet humans were OUR pets. Time for fun. But first, breakfast. “Come on now. Chop chop.” I said happily. Everyone was sat down. I was, of course, sat at the head of the table. Now you can start. It was fish flakes and milk today.

When we had finished eating it was time for the kittens to go to nursery, then the adult cats could chill. I would be sat there stroking them all when the kittens came home and we would play pass the saucer (of milk). Then we would have a snack. Mice crackers.

I liked this world a lot more than the other world. I could understand everything. In the other world I wasn’t allowed to just laze about all day. I would have to go out or something where it was cold. As well as all of that, I could have fun and play – no one ever played with me in the other world.

It was now time to go back to the pet human world. Even though we had more fun here, I knew I could always come back tomorrow and every day after that. Me and Bob crept back into the garden. It was like the world was coming in on us. It wasn’t though. The big wet splashes were about to come down, “Oh no. I hate this,” We both meowed together. I went to my house and Bob went to his.

I couldn’t get into my house, no one was there. Bob, on the other hand, got in fine. He stood where I usually stand, but outside his house and the window was already open. Of course I tried that, they still wouldn’t let me in. I was stood there for about 10 minutes, terrible service! Finally they let me in. I flopped down and for once, the smallest pet human came and gave me a good scratch on my back. Lovely. By now I was sleepy. Night night!

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