Young Story Writer entry, “My Fantastical Journey”, by Max Crawford, age 11 - Al Fresco Holidays

We wish a magical horse could whisk us away when we were having a bad day…  Have a read of Max Crawford’s brilliant story ‘My Fantastical Journey’ here  -

Max was having a bad day. A big boy in the playground had pushed him over, his teacher had been shouty and now his mum was at work and he had to go to Grampa Johnny’s house. Grampa Johnny ALWAYS ALWAYS had sausages for tea. Max kicked a stone and grumbled ” I wish I was going somewhere exciting”.

Suddenly there was a big cloud of smoke and a fantastic horse appeared. It was black and had a shiny tail with a shiny mane. “Don’t be scared Max” said the horse ” that was a wishing stone you kicked. My name is Swish and I am here to take you somewhere exciting” Max was amazed. “Climb on” said the fantastic horse. “My grampa might be worried” said Max, but the horse told him they would travel in magic time.
When Max climbed on the horses back, he couldn’t believe it when the horse flew into the sky! Up and up they went, Max holding on tightly. They flew over Max’s school, Max hoped the big boy would see them and faint! Over the sea they flew, across many lands. All the time Swish showed Max wonderful things. There was the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, the Great Barrier Reef. Max could hardly believe his eyes, it was like the best dream ever.
When the horse landed, Max politely said thank you. But Swish knew that Max needed one more wish. “Close your eyes” said the kind horse. When Max opened them there were three more magical horses! “I am called Beauty and I will carry your mum” said a golden horse. “I am Whisper and I will take your gran”said the second horse. The last horse was chubby and brown “I am here to carry your Grampa Johnny and my name is Sausage” it said.
Max smiled and smiled and smiled. Now his family could come too, it really would be an incredible journey!

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